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We see the deadly effects of sin over the course of peoples’ lives. Temptations are designed to attack us from every side. Typically, this takes hold when certain emotions overwhelm our better moral judgment. Take anger for example. Like other feelings, we naturally get angry at times. There is nothing wrong with temporary frustration but we should try to keep it to a minimum since the Lord tells us to be slow to anger. Anger towards an unjust action committed against either you or someone you care about can lead to a very deadly sin: revenge.

Revenge can consume you and your moral discernment. I believe that in certain situations it is almost impossible to avoid. Let’s say, God forbid, someone murders or rapes your child or wife. It would take a lifelong spiritual fortitude to deny yourself from attempting to kill that person, much less forgive them. I honestly…

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2 responses to “Vengeance

  1. I’m getting tired from becoming angry so often because of what the evil ones do, but I get over it rather quickly. One thing though, I have felt anger toward my daughter’s husband for some time now because of his cruel treatment of her. it was a nightmare for her, headaches, stress, no sleep (he wouldn’t let her) and more.
    I firmly believe his actions attributed to her early death, and I can’t forgive him for what he had done.

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  2. pray for him, as hard as that is, pray for him…ask the Lord to open his eyes, to drop the scales and bring him to salvation….even though you don’t want to, do it anyway


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