Fort Lauderdale Shooter Under Mind Control?

Why did the FBI dismiss his claims before shooting?

3 responses to “Fort Lauderdale Shooter Under Mind Control?

  1. This could very well be the case but I could only send it to a few people who know about the mind control thing. I’ve told many about this happening in the past,but I doubt they believed it had been done..let alone the fact that most don’t bother to watch or read anything. I have a lame mailing list.

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    • Freedom Rider

      Don’t worry Barbara. I usually feel like I’m hardly making a difference but some intangible force compels me to get up almost every day and pass along all the information I feel is important or relevant whether anyone else thinks so or not. But if just ONE person wakes up because of a post I have put up it will have all been worth it. And I have learned not to worry who likes or dislikes or even thinks I’m just nuts for the information I pass along. And it is readers like yourself who pass info along and then some of them pass it along… You see where I am going with this. You never know whose life you may touch just at the nexus when they are ready to hear the TRUTH. That thought makes all the tine spent worthwhile. When the Sleeper Awakens. Don’t ever stop as long as there is breath in your body. We CAN win by the Grace of God. Come to think of it we have already won no matter what happens next. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much FR for your encouragement, and I’m the same as you, I don’t worry about what they think and through the years I’ve been looked upon as nuts. A few have realized I knew what I was talking about..they see it now. It is so true that we have Won no matter what happens, and God IS with us, for we who are His! Hallelujah

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