WARNING: Domestic Terrorists, Communists Declare War On “Fascist Trump Regime”

Are extremists preparing for violence to stop Trump?


11 responses to “WARNING: Domestic Terrorists, Communists Declare War On “Fascist Trump Regime”

  1. Wow, the pot calling the kettle black.

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  2. Can we just get Trump/Pence sworn in at a very private pre-inaugration day ceremony so if something goes wrong they will be in power? Then on 1/20 just go through the motions.

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  3. williamjamesward

    The bums will tolerate no opposition to their totalitarian mindset,
    but they lost and will continue to lose, tough, live with it or not and
    continue to go into irrelevancy…………..William

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  4. I agree MA……….it’s not safe for Trump to be in public crowds, even on inauguration day. Public crowds = danger. Our American history proves it, and other countries have experienced the same.

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  5. Everyone posting here is sensing it.
    Are we reacting to false flags?
    because you cannot predict everything or trust the security agencies to adequately detect and protect.
    Whether they are inept or deliberately letting things happen.
    They repeatedly prove this over and over.
    No accountability.

    The Left lies then denies everything.
    They will stop at nothing to prevail.

    Between the racists, the Leftists, the nutjobs, the muzzies, and questionable loyalty of the security agencies, it’s not safe.

    Until his safety can be guaranteed, Trump ought to remain in a totally secure location and video his appearances and communications.

    Until the rule of law has been re-established that’s how it’s got to be.

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    • Freedom Rider

      Sad to say I believe you are right MTP. More sad to say I do not see your last observation as happening in this case.


  6. Right. Better tool up to protect your castle as best you can. Stay alert and if possible armed when travelling or in public places.

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    • Freedom Rider

      Absolutely. I go NOWHERE without a tuck-away nine and I don’t go in airports. Trains are usually quicker anyway. There is indeed a Bad Moon rising.


  7. Let’s hope for a winter snow storm on inauguration day so it has to be moved indoors and security can have better control over those in the building.


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