Video: Mall Fights Erupt Across Nation

Violence and bloodshed in at least 10 states.

The fights, which broke out everywhere from New Jersey to Texas, started synonymously on Dec. 26 and nearly independently, with multiple media outlets suggesting that while some of the fights were organized on social media, the majority of them were triggered by zombie shoppers battling over discounted products from China.

Hulen Mall, in Fort Worth, Texas, was locked down for hours after nearly 150 students fought each other until 60 riot police broke up the battle.

“Fort Worth wasn’t the only city facing such a post-Christmas occurrence,” the Star Telegram reported. “Numerous skirmishes, fights and altercations were reported across the country on the day after Christmas.”

“Many of them had similar elements: Juvenile participants, food courts, unfounded reports of shots being fired, mandatory evacuations or people fleeing of their own accord; few or no injuries.”

A nearly identical fight erupted at the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana, where several teenagers were arrested after numerous fights broke out among nearly 100 juveniles.

“As officers were dispersing the crowds from one fight, at least one other fight broke out,” RTV 6 reported. “Police said the mall already had off-duty officers in place for the post-holiday shopping surge and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department also has a sub station in the mall, so they were able to respond to the incidents quickly.”

Even worse, at least 48,000 fled the The Mills in Jersey Gardens, New Jersey, after a large noise was misidentified as a gun shot.

“Eight people sustained minor injuries, the mayor said,” reported Pix11. “Several victims were taken to area hospitals for further evaluation.”

“Mayor Bollwage said an 8-year-old had a cut finger and a 12-year-old with a leg injury.”

One response to “Video: Mall Fights Erupt Across Nation

  1. I read somewhere else on the web these were organized to create chaos and distraction so these little thugs could shoplift. Use the mall video system to identify and arrest them all!


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