Obama Enacts “Ministry of Truth” As Public Focuses on Holidays

Feds to “legally” crack down on First Amendment


2 responses to “Obama Enacts “Ministry of Truth” As Public Focuses on Holidays

  1. The timing is interesting on this bill. It was signed by the POS, oops, POTUS, on the same day as the nefarious UN res. 2334 which pretty much steals a third of Israel’s land to give to terrorists. In the statements supporting this UN bill, the US believes or parrots propaganda from the Muslims that anyone familiar with Muslim taquiyya (lying) would spot. For example, the lie that the Israeli settlements are preventing an agreement on a “two-state solution” is a propaganda lie of the left and the Muslims. The US press reports issued by the White House on Israel are almost always lies and propaganda. So who can trust the US as a gatekeeper of the truth? The amount of trust will depend on who is in charge, which should thankfully change next month. Hopefully the Trump administration will put in place intelligent staffers who will now have the tools to eliminate Muslim propaganda as a source. But why would a Muslim-leaning president want to sign this bill into law if it makes it harder to lie through the state department?

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  2. Rumor has it, Joseph Goebbels is its minister.


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