Man murders UPS driver thinking it was Trump, media silent

Now the Libtard Propagandists are guilty of murder!

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‘I went there to purposely shoot and kill him and put him down’

Published: 14 hours ago

Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

An upstate New York man is accused of killing a UPS driver he believed to be Donald Trump, and he says there’s no evidence that could be presented to him to make him believe he did not murder the president-elect.

Justin Barkley, 38, said during his arraignment Monday in Ithaca, New York, “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly.”

Justin Barkley

                             Justin Barkley

The victim who was actually slain Dec. 8 in a Walmart parking lot was William Schumacher, a driver for the United Parcel Service.

Barkley told the court he knew where Trump would be the day of the shooting and he waited in the parking lot in Ithaca to murder him.

“I went there to purposely shoot and kill him and put him down,” Barkley said.

The case has received some coverage in New York media as well as Britain’s Daily Mail, but has not received much national attention, which was noted by radio host Rush Limbaugh, who felt the case would be a lead story if someone shot a woman believing her to be the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

Limbaugh explained: “If this were Hillary Clinton, if there were some lunatic out there that had shot a woman and claimed that he was shooting Hillary Clinton, do you think the media all over America would be talking about it? And then condemning any and all supporters of Trump and Trump himself for the incendiary rhetoric that he’s engaged in and has inspired this violence. Because remember when [Rep.] Gabby Giffords got shot out there in Arizona, they tried to blame me and Sarah Palin. … Can you imagine the uproar? Can you imagine the wall-to-wall coverage?”


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Limbaugh then wondered about the circumstances in the Barkley case in New York.

“Why did this guy want to kill Trump? Why did this guy think that he was killing Trump?” he asked. “What could have happened to make him so hateful toward Donald Trump? Might it be the Drive-By Media and the Democratic Party? Could they maybe be held somewhat accountable here for their never-ending, constant vilifying of Trump?”

According to the Ithaca Voice, Barkley told the court he understood the difference between mistaking a person for being Trump and asserting that he actually killed Trump. When asked if any evidence could be presented to him to suggest he killed a different person, he said, “I would hope not.”

Barkley attempted to plead guilty at his arraignment, but Judge John Rowley refused to accept it.

Assistant District Attorney Eliza Filipowski has requested a mental examination of the defendant to see if he’s competent to stand trial.

Barkley is charged with felony counts of second-degree murder and menacing a police officer or peace officer, and he faces a maximum penalty of 25 years to life in prison. His next scheduled court is appearance is at 2 p.m. on Jan. 6.

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3 responses to “Man murders UPS driver thinking it was Trump, media silent

  1. IF this is true, and there is little reason to doubt WND. This is horrible! Premeditated Murder as a Hate Crime, but because the idiot killed an innocent person by mistake it is down to Second Degree and they are trying give him The Easy Insane Out? He is insane because he believes the DemonRat Propaganda. They need to get this jackass on record on who encouraged him to do this. The victim’s Lawyers could OWN George Soros, the Clinton Crime Family, the Obama’s, New York Slimes, WaPo, The entire LibTARD Media, and even that fat bastard Michael Moore!

    Where is the “Mainstream Media on this? Trying to ignore it! This Doofus Dumbass is the Liberal “Dylan Roof”! He needs as much condemnation, a quick trial, and to “Ride the Needle”. Except LibTARD NY likes to save all the whacko killers, instead of letting them “reap what they sow”.

    This is ABSOLUTE PROOF that Liberalism is a Mental Disease and left untreated it can be FATAL! And everyone of all the LibTARD idiots that said anything to encourage this insane retard is EQUALLY GUILTY! They all ought to “Ride the Needle” with this subhuman idiot.

    Congratulations, LibTARD Propaganda Arm, you got some dumbass to try to kill Trump! I hope you are SO Proud of yourselves! Every damn one of you ought to be on a gurney getting the same needle as this fruit-loop.

    Ought to a bounty on all of you, dead or alive. And they ought to give an “Ammo Expended” bonus for dead. Saves the whining at the trial.

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  2. I was afraid the crazies would start coming out and responding to the incitement of the left. I thought incitement was against the law. There are many Democrats who should be charged. This is so tragic for that man’s family, who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And it still should be first degree murder because it was planned . He does not get a pass because it’s the wrong victim. If anything, it should be the worst punishment possible, because he was reckless.

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  3. Read Longknife’s post, I feel the same way.

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