Court Releases Search Warrant in Clinton Email Probe

FBI discovered Clinton-related emails on laptop after initially seizing device during probe of Anthony Weiner

2 responses to “Court Releases Search Warrant in Clinton Email Probe

  1. Oh, my. Which country to start in?

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  2. I wondered why the commenters on this article’s source link were so anti-Trump and hateful. Then I saw it was Politico, a really leftwing site. They’re also on fake news list put out by the alternative media. Clinton lost the election because she had shown ineptitude while in office of Sec. of State. If she couldn’t handle that, she can’t handle the presidency. Plus, since she held that office, she has aged and seems too physically weak to take the regimen of the presidency. And if we need more reasons for her loss, she was awful as first lady. None of these things had to do with the emails. She had plenty of negatives going into the campaign. Oh I’d like to add one more that I personally noted, not something media says, that she seemed to have memorized her speeches and debate responses etc. For these reasons, I felt Bill or some other handler picked by Soros would be the real unseen leader in control. She would be another puppet like BHO. Thus, she lost.

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