Bitter Clingers

2 responses to “Bitter Clingers

  1. Now the Libtard Propagandists are guilty of murder: http: //

    You need to post on this.

    Absolute Proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disease and left untreated can be fatal! Unfortunately fatal to some innocent bystander.
    Every SOB that has posted a threat on FakeBook or anywhere else against Trump or accused him of anything that is not a provable crime is a damn Accessory before the Fact and anyone that encouraged this whacko is a Co-Conspirator. I hope the victim’s family’s Lawyers sue everyone of them from George Soros to that fat bastard Michael Moore, plus all the LibTARD Media! For MURDER! Premeditated Murder of a President Elect as a Hate Crime and a Terrorist Act against the Constitution, and Treason.

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