National Geographic Transgender Issue Sparks Outrage

Traditional females omitted from magazine cover

The cover of National Geographic’s upcoming January issue has sparked outrage online for featuring children questioning their genders and spotlighting what they call a “gender revolution.”

With articles titled, “Making a man,” “Dangerous Lives of Girls,” and “Rethinking Gender,” the publication is dedicating their entire first issue of 2017 to the single topic of the “shifting landscape of gender,” according to a press release.

“To a degree unimaginable a decade ago, the intensely personal subject of gender identity has entered the public square,” the press release states, adding that the issue will hit print newsstands on December 27.

National GeographicVerified account @NatGeo 22h22 hours ago

We devoted our entire January 2017 Special Issue to an exploration of gender—take a look

One of the issue’s two front covers features a boy dressed up in girl’s clothing, with a quote from him stating, “The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy.”

Internet users were quick to share their disappointment over the magazine’s editorial decision.

VXJaeger @VXJaeger

@NatGeo Yea. There is men, there is women, and there is mental disortions.

5 responses to “National Geographic Transgender Issue Sparks Outrage

  1. oy, they carry Natl Geographic at my local bookstore in Israel. This issue should not be very popular in my community – they’ll have to send the copies all to Tel Aviv. I wonder how honest the articles will be – will they point out the high rate of suicides among those who switch genders? Deplorable. I will now have to boycott one of the few English American magazines I can get here.

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  2. The entire leftwing whack jobs are promoting this insanity and they start it in kindergarten.

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  3. National Geographic has shown itself to be atheistic and globalist agenda propagandist advocates for many years.

    THIS particular issue should be enough to initiate subscription cancellations by Christians worldwide.

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  4. I blame that sick pervert Obama for pushing for a gender-less society in this country. One of the first things he did was to change the month of June from being called Brides Month, to LGBT Month.
    The next, was to appoint his many Czars, one was Kevin Jennings, a member of MANBLA (Man And Boy Love Association), for his” Safe Schools” Czar. This position had nothing to do with safe schools, but all to do with the gathering of materials to teach in the schools for all grades from Kindergarten on up, having to do with gender, and the practice of being one of the LGBT group where each one is taught as normal behavior.. PC was the tool used so that the term boys and girls could not be used by teachers, nor anywhere else for that matter…gender-less toys, the gender-less bathrooms, showers,etc..

    And the latest sick thing Obama had done, was to make it law that women would be drafted for war. I need to add that He also banned the speaking about God, or even saying the word God in schools,,And he mandated that the name of Jesus Christ could not be said in public prayer , nor could the chaplains in all branches of the military say His name.
    None of this, of course, has to do with his god, Allah.
    So sickeningly sad it is that one of Satan’s sons was TWICE nominated for the presidency.
    Sorry for my rant here, I’m so angry about this latest NG magazine, yet this crap coming from them, didn’t surprise me.


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