Lessig: 20 Trump electors could flip

Lessig’s anti-Trump group, “Electors Trust,” has been offering pro bono legal counsel to Republican presidential electors

5 responses to “Lessig: 20 Trump electors could flip

  1. Is there any way to quickly legislate harsher penalties for electors who don’t carry out the voter’s will? I would think their future in politics would be over but I don’t even know who these people are..

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  2. Lessig. a Constitutional law professor who obviously hates the Constitution looks like a brainless wimp. If anything should change for the worse, I could never picture conservatives whining, screaming, tearing up and blocking the streets in protest like the dimwitted Democrats, Those ignoramuses, full of hatred, certainly are one of a kind..

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  3. Call B.S. on this! “Rinse Pubis” says there is one GOP elector that may not vote for Trump.. Texas Gov. is going to replace the loudmouth here in Texas, but he wasn’t going to vote for Hillary anyway. Probably Kasich.
    There is an Indian in OR or WA that says he won’t vote for Hillary.
    These Libtards keep lying to keep their cannon-fodder all excited.

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  4. “Must be a Ubangi in the fuel supply” — Famous quote from W.C. Fields from the film ‘Never Give a Sucker an Even Break’.
    — Just a little literary license here folks. No offense meant to any South African members of that fictitious tribe possibly reading this comment.

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  5. It is the way of the left to try to destroy all good feelings in those who
    have beaten them, they do everything possible to create uncertainty
    and ill felling in their enemies. Spoilers is their classification amongst
    others less complimentary…………………..William


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