The King And Queen Of Fake News

Lyin’ Brian Williams and Crooked Hillary Clinton are notorious for fake news

brian-williams-hillary-clinton12534The fake news pros want you to know they’ve got this. Take it from bold faced lying fake news aficionado Brian Williams. Here’s a look at his outstanding delusional reporting from March of 2003.


One response to “The King And Queen Of Fake News

  1. There are so many contenders, it is hard to pick, although I must say, Hillary is in a class by herself.

    Is the criteria the number of lies, or the size of the audience, or how many people actually believe them?
    How about some of the winners in the Congressional Black Caucus?

    Are we using the Costanza Rule that it is not a lie if you can convince yourself it’s true?

    Based on the lying BullSh*t propaganda polls, BHO or slippery Bill could also be considered. They’re iconic
    Or Scott Pealy.
    Really, they all do their part.

    Or maybe the folks who write the scripts for these turds; the talking points people.

    It’s really not funny, if they shoot Trump, who’ll step in?

    is it how amny lies, or how amny b\people
    It’s really not too funny, if you believe the polling for BHO.


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