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Trump Has Won, But the Battle Has Just Begun

How the globalists will scheme against Trump

Trump to Pressure Foreign Leaders to Probe Clinton Foundation

Clinton Foundation much larger scandal than Emailgate

This is a power move by Donald Trump; it’s almost certain the Clinton Foundation is a much bigger scandal than Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server – in fact, Clinton was likely deleting e-mails showing evidence of wrongdoing tied to her foundation.
The Trump administration will task new US ambassadors with insisting foreign governments start probing the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation, particularly how the Clintons may have taken advantage of their countries’ national resources and foreign aid.
“Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,” an insider told the New York Post.
In 2010, the Clintons pocketed millions of dollars of earthquake relief fund money meant for Haiti, according to the Haitian victims themselves.
“The Clintons don’t like black people,” said Haitian-American Joseph Mathieu, who protested Hillary during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. “All they do is more welfare, more jails, more food stamps–-we don’t need that, we need more opportunity, more education!”
And the former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, said then-President Bill Clinton tried to bribe him in 1994 and revoked his visa when he refused.
“Sadly, when an earthquake rocked the nation of Haiti in 2010, corruption moved in faster than the help so desperately needed,” he said. “Today, the people of Haiti are still suffering despite the billions of dollars that have flowed into the Clinton Foundation.”
“The Clintons exploited this terrible disaster to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving people of Haiti. The world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived.”
In Colombia, Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra benefited from the Clinton Foundation’s “philanthropic work” in the country after donating $100 million, which allowed him to acquire Colombia’s natural resources for an oil business.
The Clinton Foundation is a “massive spider web of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people,” according to a FBI insider who explained why FBI Director James Comey refused to indict Hillary Clinton over her private e-mail server.
“The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email server,” he said. “We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the Clinton Foundation.”
“Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought.”
Comey in particular wasn’t confident the FBI could face the “Clinton Machine” and the “rest of Washington D.C.” by itself.
“…This case would explode into a million other cases if fully brought to light, and then we would be one agency competing against the entire government and a hoard of other interests,” the insider continued. “It is a very tense and uncomfortable position.”
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Even Obama Slams Stein’s Recounts: The Results “Accurately Reflect The Will Of The American People”

“As a result, we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.”

Trump launches furious morning Twitter rant at Hillary

Accuses her of hypocrisy for refusing to accept election result after she said she would join in Wisconsin recount

Pope Francis Grieves Death of Fellow Socialist Castro

Note the Satanic “broken Cross” crucifix carried by Poppy. This abomination is only used on “special” occasions. See  “Satanic Symbolism surrounding the Pope – The Bent Cross” – 



Open borders advocate expresses “sorrow” for deceased tyrant

EU Censoring Free Speech With “Fake News” Claims, Says IFJ

Battle of truth vs establishment propaganda

If Trump Election is Overturned, Who Will Be President?

What is happening in DC?


Watch-Listen-Activate – Breaking: Democrat Counter-Coup Against Trump in Progress


MilesTones: Ape in High Heels Comment Comment

by Rev. Austin Miles
CLAY, W. VIRGINIA 11/25/16—Not much happens in this sleepy little town of W. Virginia. That is until recently. The entire quiet area encompasses 0.62 square miles, hosting a population of 8.910, all who live below the poverty line. So it is not a place that draws national interest or attention
However, after Donald Trump’s election as president, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, who was director of the Clay County Development Corp., posted on social media, “It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful dignified First Lady back in the White House.”  So far, so good. BUT she added this; “I’m tired of seeing a ape in high heels.” Uh oh!
Clay Mayor, Beverly Whaling, responded to that post: “You just made my day.” Suddenly, that obscure little town, named for U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Henry Clay, was no longer obscure. A national outrage burst forth like water through a ruptured dam and the entire town and its officials were declared, ‘racist,’ the all encompassing word to hit your perceived enemies in the head with a 2 by four.
Both Mayor Whaling and Director Taylor were forced to resign in the whirling sand-storm of loquacious air currents.
Racist? to whom? This question needed authoritative counsel so the entire matter was turned over to MilesTones for clarification. Did the ape consider this racist? Here is their specialized analysis:
How can being compared to an ape be objectionable? After all, the Democrat Communists teach for fact in the public schools, colleges and universities that Darwinism explains the origins of the universe, and…us.  OK, tell us more.
These learned professionals state that we (human species) descended from primates. This columnist remembers attending a class of Anthropology in 2006 taught by Instructor Gail Bouchet at Los Medanos College located in Pittsburg, California. She made several statements about; “Chimpanzees, our closest relatives.”
They may have been her relatives but I can say with certainty that primates, including apes, are not mine. Yet, this is what is taught by all secular Communist bastions of education during this perplexing judo exercise in history. One assignment given to the class was to visit the San Francisco Zoo to observe the Apes, who, we were taught, belong to our family. To be proper, should we have worn suits?
So, if this is fact, as all students today are inoculated to believe, then how can anyone be insulted if compared to an ape? That doesn’t jive since the demoncrats pour the theory of evolution into what’s left of our brains.
So if we are to obey and believe ‘the scholars,’ which they demand that we do, how can it possibly be an insult to be compared to an ape? Indeed, the ape is the one that should be offended.  Apes are magnificent, noble creatures, who are very family oriented, excellent parents, social beings, and not in general, violent creatures, unless they are provoked. They are honorable beasts.
So it is the apes that should be given the apology for us even comparing them to a human being who murders their babies before they are born, declare wars for financial gain, allow prices for lifesaving medicines to skyrocket for the personal profits of the drug manufacturers to whom money is the bottom line in every transaction, never mind the saving of lives, as they withhold their product until you can come up with the cash and evict people who cannot pay the increase of rent demanded nor would they promote sexual deviancy. An ape would never do such things. They are decent creatures.
Now the big question: If something evolves into something else, that result is what remains forever. The former creature that we evolved from would be no more. So why do we still see apes and chimps still prominently in existence? They could no longer be here if they had evolved into something else. The answer; They CANNOT still be in existence. The original would have been wiped out by Darwin’s ridiculous theory.
So if we go along with the infected Left, there should be no public outrage of being compared to a primate. Indeed, that would be a reflected honor to be compared to the ape since they would be our fore bearers, as the Democrat Communists insist.
So Leftists, leave Clay alone. You are the ones who have falsely made Apes and people one creature. That is the kind of dem-logic infecting our country today. Frankly, the apes are far better beings than any democrat who says we are related to them. Yet those same Communists jump to heights of hysteria if someone is compared to the one they have demanded we recognize as us. This is how logical the democrap party is.
No Photo was Included to Prevent Insulting the Ape

Terrorism Blamed For Wildfires Raging Through Israel

Thousands flee third-largest city of Haifa