Pope Francis Grieves Death of Fellow Socialist Castro

Note the Satanic “broken Cross” crucifix carried by Poppy. This abomination is only used on “special” occasions. See  “Satanic Symbolism surrounding the Pope – The Bent Cross” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyMlEsL3ds8 



Open borders advocate expresses “sorrow” for deceased tyrant

5 responses to “Pope Francis Grieves Death of Fellow Socialist Castro

  1. Having been raised Catholic back before The Church went “Global Socialist”, this Pope saddens me but none of this surprises me.
    The Truth doesn’t change, even if the men in charge try to say it has.

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  2. I have been absolutely flabbergasted by all the Main Stream Media types heaping praise on Fidel Castro. The sad part is that most of the MSM mouth pieces are so young they were not alive when Castro killed millions and I guess they have not been taught what he actually did. We either learn from history or repeat history. Our schools are doing an excellent job of rewriting history so we are not learning from it.

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  3. Nuts……………….William


  4. My 13 grandchildren are all home schooled.

    Between the mandatory vaccines, the gender identity politics, the uncontrolled violence, and the shameless communist propaganda; public schools and to some extent parochial schools are unacceptable.

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