Who is Jeff Sessions?

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Since his appointment as Donald Trump’s candidate for attorney general, this man has been under fire for controversial comments he has made decades ago. Some may deem him a racist if they solely formulate their opinion based on the media portrayal. I believe this man’s overall track record justifies any mistakes he has made as far as off the cuff comments go and shows that he is qualified. We all screw up. Jeff Sessions will play a critical role in securing the border and deporting all CRIMINAL illegal aliens. He is the author of Trump’s plans for immigration. I’m going to approach this differently from most other posts and let Rush Limbaugh do the educating. I listen to his radio show daily and have always trusted his information. Here is the transcript from his segment on Jeff Sessions:

Now, folks, let me tell you one thing here about Jeff Sessions…

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3 responses to “Who is Jeff Sessions?

  1. Sorry, the word ‘racism’ has been so over used and so abused that it no longer has any meaning. There are those who have shouted ‘racism’ for years — Sharpton, Jackson, etc. — in any and all circumstances and it turned out that was not the case at all. Sorry, the word ‘racism’ just simply does not cut it any more.

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  2. “Some may deem him a racist if they solely formulate their opinion based on the media portrayal”
    You ain’t gonna get anything straight if you base your opinion on the lie machine. Special shout out to AP and the Southern Poverty Law Center, who lead the pack in distorting facts.

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