No Hate Crime Charges For Thugs Filmed Beating ‘White Boy’ Trump Voter in Chicago

Where are the hate crime charges?


8 responses to “No Hate Crime Charges For Thugs Filmed Beating ‘White Boy’ Trump Voter in Chicago

  1. Carry. Always carry. If you don’t like carrying a full size pistol, get a little one like a Ruger LCP. Have a good bigger one in your car/truck. Maybe not one of your best, but something bigger.
    If your car gets stolen report that the gun is in it and where. The cops get very interested! If they don’t shoot and kill the perp, he gets a “Possession of a firearm during a felony” added on even if he didn’t know it was there.
    A long-gun in the trunk or truck toolbox may be good if it gets “real Western”.

    I know it is hard to get permits in the LibTARD gulags, so use your imagination about other weapons.

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    • I totally agree Longknife but I don’t trust a .380 cal pistol to do the job right the first time. KelTec makes a fine little single stack 9mm (7+1) for close work which is thinner and no bigger than the LCP. (Slightly longer I believe). There are other good mouse gun 9mm’s available as well. Under the front seat is a nice place for the ,45 Colt Auto. A fine persuader and can be high-ride hip-holster carried as well much of the time. As far as the ‘LibTARD gulags’ go if my state or the Feds ever outlaw my God-given rights then that is the day I become an outlaw. I am an old fart like you and I need all the help I can get. We all die. It is dying well that matters.



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  3. hopefully they die,choking on their own blood!


  4. ” It is dying well that matters.”
    This is so true, my brother. And as long as America IS the home of the Brave, it will be the Land of Free.
    The “When the SHTF Problem” is it is happening everyday, in many different places, and often for no damn reason, other than the Obamunists and their Class War, and their encouraging criminal acts for no reason other than race or a bumper sticker. It is a Trump sticker today, but may be a cross or a NRA sticker next week..
    We must not turn away from our Constitutionalist, Conservative, and Christian brothers that are of other races. IT is NOT a Race War unless THEY make it one, and even then we must try to ‘discriminate’ between good and bad. We must “judge” people by the content of their character, and “profile” threats by their behavior, intent, and how they self-identify, not by color.
    But the bottom line is, it is better to to be tried by 12, than carried by 6.
    We, who are the ‘old warriors’, no matter how limited in ability today, are the only ones that remember Freedom. We must defend the young and the women, they are the future.
    I encourage all the older men to study the Dog Soldier Societies of the Plains Indians and understand and try to embrace the concept.

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  5. Also, the gun you have in your hand is “the best gun”.So the little gun you carry religiously everywhere is best. At close range the .380 is adequate unless the perp has body armor, and then it is all about bullet placement.
    For a long time, I only carried when I thought there was some “Threat Level”, and carried at least a stack mag 9. That is a bad habit today.
    Also initially, if you do not have a great deal of confidence in easily defeating the particular threat, the carry gun is primarily to “break contact” and get you to your “good stuff”.

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    • Agree Longknfe One caveat being when you kook up and you are staring down the muzzle of a firearm (a .38 revolver in my case) then you just do whatever it takes to extricate yourself from this embarrassing situation. Fortunately a Brother eased around behind this drunken fool and put him down for a nap while I sat astride my iron horse with both hands up and talking as fast as I could to distract him. I really don’t think he even wanted to shoot me but a lot of men have died just such a way…. Moral: If someone has the drop on you whatever you carry may as well be a banana. If you have a plan B – activate it ASAP.


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