Emergency Message To Leftists From Trump / Steve Bannon

Alex Jones breaks down powerful interview from Trump’s chief strategist

bannon-trump1alex Jones covers the universal prosperity message encoded in the interview Trump’s head council Steve Bannon gave to The Hollywood Reporter.

Also check out Alex’s other report: “Elites Panic As Trump Begins To Deliver”


3 responses to “Emergency Message To Leftists From Trump / Steve Bannon

  1. I got my first dose of Alex Jones a year or two after I saw his production of the 911 act of terror. The viewing created a sickening sensation, the truth was obvious, and it took weeks before I could watch it again. Efforts to get many others to see the truth did not succeed, but eventually others are coming around. The attempt to save America did not start with Obama, Jones covered G. W. B.’s work to turn the USA over to the NWO with the same dedication to our country that he has been showing for the past seven plus years. People of privilege come in all the colors of humanity.

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    • Jones drives me nuts with his egomaniacal raving and interrupting great guest commentators in mid sentence but the TRUTH he gets out to those who are willing to put up with his shortcoming=s make it all worthwhile.

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  2. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    NAFTA, one of the many evil children of the globalist family, must be replaced with tariffs ensuring our prosperity and that of others. Bring others up to our level, don’t follow the plan and orders that would bring us down to third world level. Nationalism Trumps globalism.

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