Democrats Call For Infowars To Be Shut Down

5 responses to “Democrats Call For Infowars To Be Shut Down

  1. What do you expect! Anyone that disagrees and exposes their Agenda must be muzzled, demonized and destroyed.
    Media is not to spread ideas, or debate, but to propagandize the Sheeple to accept anything.

    It is like the Anti-gunner latest thing that more “gun control” is necessary to stop suicides. There are dozens of ways to commit suicide, a gun is just a convenient and trustworthy tool to get the job done. Are they going to outlaw all the pills, ropes, razor blades, tall buildings, cars, plastic bags and booze?

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  2. The “Barbarians” are within the gates, my friend. It is time for Men to STAND!
    If we have nothing more for defense than our ancient Anglo-Saxon ‘Shield-Wall’, we must STAND!
    The Trump Movement has given me and many others real hope for a Restoration. We have a great weapon in the Internet to teach. We must develop a new generation of leaders that can still remember Freedom. And old farts like me must embrace the spirit of the Dog Soldier.
    We can not lose any more.

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  3. When I saw the headlines about closing fake news sites, I didn’t read it and thought they meant sites like the Onion, which really does have fake news. I had no idea they meant alternative news. What a crock. They really don’t believe in free speech and the citizen’s right to choose their own news sources?

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  4. There’s nothing more frightening to a DEMONrat than the truth.


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