Clinton’s Begging Trump To Stop Investigation of Hillary Through Chelsea

Trump must drain the Clinton crime family with the rest of the swamp


Alex Jones breaks down the desperate attempt by the Clintons to convince Donald Trump not to prosecute Hillary by using Chelsea for sympathy.

If Donald Trump truly wants to drain the swamp in Washington he must make an example out of this evil corrupt family and send a clear message that he is here to bring about real change.


6 responses to “Clinton’s Begging Trump To Stop Investigation of Hillary Through Chelsea

  1. Her crimes were against the people of the United States. It has to be determined what crimes were committed, It is clear we must adhere to the rule of law for all. Maybe financial restitution and exile.

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  2. Some things are very ugly and the Clinton mess is on top of that
    mountain of ugh……….That it will all stick of Mullah Obama’s face
    is a given and the collusion in the Congress is a matrix of evil that
    yes is a swamp in need of cleansing. Clinton lied and people died,
    no remorse and nothing but self promotion while the Nation slid
    into more and greater instability. What is right and just may play
    out but for sure God misses nothing and in the end all will be
    made crystal clear. The work ahead is in need of Divine help,
    I pray we will be worthy and capable of the task, God does not
    sleep, neither does our foe the Devil……….Pray for the good and
    for peace…………………William

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  3. Jones gave one heck of message to trump and I wish to God that somehow he gets to hear it… I don’t think I could bear to keep watching people cave. .

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  4. Chelsea? Mommy’s little she-demon is in the thick of this too. She’s involved with the criminal Clinton Foundation. And, Chelsea, what are you doing with classified documents? I suppose you need them for your run for Congress. No, you belong in a Federal penitentiary, along with those two Satanic parents of yours. “Lock them up! Lock them up! Lock them up!”

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  5. Trump needs to keep this at arms length and let it proceed legally. The Media is going to be looking for any excuse to defend Queen Hillary.
    Obozo did plenty of “Executive Influence” in his DoJ’s cases, but it OK for a Dem to break the Law and the tradition of a Fair Trial. If Trump says anything about her being guilty, the Media will be screaming like gut-shot cougars.

    The FBI investigations appear to be ongoing, if sorta “semi-unofficial”. The Congressional investigations are sorta on hold for the elections and probably won’t amount to much until after Trump is confirmed by the Electoral College and after Congress reconvenes after the New Year. No action will be taken until Trump and his AG take office. Even then no big rush. The new DoJ has to be swept clean or someone may sabotage evidence or the filings on the case.
    This must be done carefully and slowly. If any of the “potential Defendants” cut and run, guilt is proven right there in most people’s minds.

    The Clinton scourge must be wiped clean. The only escape should be turning States Evidence with evidence really needed to build the case.

    Let it die down, otherwise Obozo will try to pardon her, and that will cause another whole level of Legalistic foot-dragging. Hillary could die before it gets to court.

    The idea of “Pardoning” before conviction or even indictment is probably on really shaky legal ground, but the Dems let Gerald Ford get away with it on Nixon. Mostly because they didn’t really have much “crime” on him. Unlike the Hillary case. She is guilty as homemade sin, and everybody knows it. The Dems don’t care, so they are all guilty,too.

    I saw recently someone quoted a Haiku:
    Slowly, slowly
    Little snail
    climbs Mt. Fujiyama.
    I don’t use care much for those, but this one is GREAT for this case.

    Gotta keep the pressure on Trump though!

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