Trump Says Google Is Covering For Hillary; Slams ‘Biased’ Lester Holt

GOP nominee says Clinton stripping away US “status as a sovereign nation”.

“I wasn’t thinking about it. But when I reviewed it and when I saw all of the commentary, because a lot of people thought he was terrible, and I looked at all of the commentary, I realized he was much, much tougher on me than he was on Hillary. It was like a day and night.” Trump said.

“I thought he was OK. I mean, look, I said good things right after the show. But after reviewing it and after seeing the way he badgered and even the questions I got… You know, he hits me with the birther question, of course.” Trump continued.

The GOP nominee also noted that Holt attempted to wrongly correct him on the issue of ‘stop and frisk’, by claiming it is an unconstitutional practice.

“And he likes to correct things where I happen to be right.” Trump said, adding “we talked about “stop and frisk,” and he was 100 percent wrong. But in the meantime I had to go and prove the point. And it turned out that I was right.”

Trump also noted that Holt failed to correct Clinton on a false comment she made about the gold standard.

“Hillary Clinton on the gold standard. He didn’t go after her even though she was wrong.” he exclaimed.

O’Reilly noted that Holt interrupted Trump over forty times, while only interjecting when Hillary was speaking fewer than 10 times. The two then joked that Holt interrupted Trump more than O’Reilly does.

“He was worse than you, I agree, really.” Trump quipped.

Immediately following the interview, Trump gave a speech to supporters in Wisconsin, during which he raised the issue of Google covering up negative Hillary Clinton news and information.

“Google search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton,” Trump said, referring to the fact that when typing in ‘Hillary Clinton’ to a Google search box, the auto-complete function does not default to any of the major issues she has been associated with such as ’emails’ ‘scandals’ ‘liar’. When also typing in ‘crooked’ Google auto-complete does not suggest ‘Hillary’ where as other search engines do.

While Google has claimed that it’s auto-complete function works according to ‘what people are searching for’, it also issued a statement earlier this year suggesting that isn’t the case when it comes to searching someone’s name.

“Our auto-complete algorithm will not show a predicted query that is offensive or disparaging when displayed in conjunction with a person’s name,” a Google spokeswoman said. “Google auto-complete does not favor any candidate or cause. Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how auto-complete works.”

While this would explain why words such as ‘evil’ or ‘witch’ may not appear, When typiing in ‘Hillary’, it doesn’t adequately explain why ‘health’ or ‘body count’ do not appear – words and phrases that do not have negative connotations out of context. It is this specifically that Trump is referring to.


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Google has helpfully censored questions about Hillary’s health.


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