The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again!

NYC rocked by explosion this weekend

When will America wake up and acknowledge that radical Islam is a problem?

BREAKING: NYC Bomber In Police Custody

The bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami has been apprehended by police after a shootout in New Jersey.

Hillary Blames Trump For NYC Terrorist Bombing

What will Clinton lie about next?

3 responses to “The Religion Of Peace Strikes Again!

  1. Our Dear Leader, his handlers and Clinton’s have made sure that we — The United States of America — have forced these invadeers — oops I me immigrants — into our country and they have the gall to blame Trump. Trump has been in no position to have anything whatsoever to do with these invaders and the policy that brings them here. Although I will say, this is exactly why all the talking heads from O on down to the lowest Main Stream Media personnel, are so totally against Trump. They are afraid, very afraid, that Trump will round up these invaders and send them packing. Our Dear Leader, his handlers, the Clinton’s and all the other global elitist One World Government types have to turn America into a third world country so they can better control us. They have to make sure the caucasians are out numbered, way out numbered, or they know they cannot take total control. This has been going on for years and years and years. This is also what all the talking heads were pushing when they preached, starting in the fifties, about not having children. Or only have one and definitely no more than two. The caucasians do not even have a high enough birth rate to replace themselves. All of this is by design. I pray daily that the Lord will have mercy on us. It also would not hurt if Jesus Christ returned like tomorrow either.


  2. Islam, the cancer that is made of lies and blood.


  3. Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:

    Islam, the cancer that is made of lies and blood.


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