Several Doctors Warn Hillary Pneumonia Antibiotic Can Cause ‘Psychiatric Problems’, Death

“Several thousand deaths per year; Equivalent to a 747 plane going down once a month.”

In the wake of Hillary Clinton releasing medical information this week several doctors have warned that the antibiotic she is supposedly taking to counter pneumonia can have severe side effects including psychiatric problems, and even death.

According to the information released by her campaign, Clinton is taking Levaquin, a powerful antibiotic, to treat the lung illness.

RTV 6, an ABC affiliate out of Indianapolis reported the following:

Levaquin is the brand name for levofloxacin, which is part of a class of drugs called fluoroquinolones, intended to treat major infections like pneumonia, anthrax exposure, plague and urinary tract infections.

Call 6 Investigates has been looking into potential safety issues with the drug, including devastating side effects like tendon rupture, nerve damage and psychiatric problems.

 RTV notes that this Summer, the FDA issued what is known as a “black box” warning for Levaquin, the highest alert level possible, owing to the potential for serious side effects.“The warnings advise patients that the serious side effects generally outweigh the benefits for patients with sinus infections, chronic bronchitis, and urinary tract infections, and fluoroquinolones should be used as a last resort,” the report notes.

The station reached out to three doctors concerning the matter, who all expressed concern over the drug.

Referring to Hillary’s medical episodes, Dr. Charles Bennett noted that “It could be a serious drug reaction,” adding that “The best thing to do is stop the drug, I would suggest, if it’s a potential serious adverse drug reaction. You can use many other antibiotics for pneumonia. I would defer to her physicians there.”

Bennett pulled no punches in suggesting that Clinton is at risk of death if she continues taking the drug.

“Our data estimates the FDA receives several thousand reports per year of this toxicity, and several thousand deaths,” he says. “This is equivalent to a 747 plane going down once a month.”

Another doctor, Judy Stone said that the prescription of the drug to Hillary is “not good antibiotic stewardship.”


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Photo published for The Surprises In Hillary Clinton's Newly Released Medical Records

Judy Stone @DrJudyStone

The choice of Levaquin for Hillary’s pneumonia is not good stewardship x PCN all, @CIDRAP_ASP My post: 


3 responses to “Several Doctors Warn Hillary Pneumonia Antibiotic Can Cause ‘Psychiatric Problems’, Death

  1. It greatly surprises me that the FDA actually strongly warned about this drug, Most often, they do not give a damn if they’re harmful..and many many of them are.
    Usually they say not a thing about harmful drugs and vaccines because of the money to be made by them. Since when do they care about the
    health of the people.?

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  2. Peyote will do that. Ask Elizabeth Warren. Get it?


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