Establishment Media – Putin Poisoned Hillary

Mainstream Media: You’re Sexist If You Question Hillary’s Health

Establishment media also floating theory that Putin poisoned Hillary

The mainstream media continues to blame sexism for voters questioning Hillary Clinton’s decision to “power through” a supposed case of pneumonia.

Kathleen Parker, writing for the Washington Post, assailed other media outlets for asking if Hillary Clinton can physically handle the rigors of being president following her medical episode at a 9/11 memorial ceremony earlier this week.

“Anchors and commentators hit auto-pundit to produce the question du jour: Can this woman handle the presidency? Please,” she wrote.

Claiming the questions about Clinton’s health and ability to serve as president are based solely on her gender, Parker wonders, “Would anyone ask the same question about a man under similar circumstances?”

Rather than appear to be the “weaker sex, which is only true as concerns upper-body muscle mass (about 40 percent less) and significantly less testosterone (hence less invading, marauding and pillaging),” Hillary Clinton “soldiered on” with her campaign schedule.

Parker’s repudiation of gender stereotypes about women while promoting one about men herself is notable.

“Her silence about the pneumonia wasn’t so much a lack of transparency, as news-gazers have extrapolated, as it was a valiant attempt to stay the course and preclude exactly what happened,” Parker continued.

The Washington Post has made every excuse possible to cover-up Hillary Clinton’s health issues, from arguing gender discrimination to promoting the crackpot idea she was poisoned by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

The rest of the mainstream media has joined in running interference for Clinton, covering up any information that may suggest she is sicker than she is letting on and attacking anyone who covers it.

CBS was caught editing coverage of former President Bill Clinton when he suggested Hillary has “frequent” fainted due to dehydration.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour lambasted the rest of the media, asking “Can’t a girl have a sick day or two?”

The Huffington Post even suggested the rest of the mainstream media owes Hillary Clinton an apology for its coverage of her medical issues.

One response to “Establishment Media – Putin Poisoned Hillary

  1. Barry is the most likely suspect.


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