This clown could hand Hillary victory

Gary Johnson is a Complete Idiot

Gary Johnson is a complete idiot, and so is anyone who votes for him.

The Libertarian Party candidate is NOT a libertarian.

He is a social justice warrior posing as a libertarian.

But people voting for Johnson could cost Trump the election and hand Hilary victory.

Please share this video to expose Johnson’s hypocrisy.


3 responses to “This clown could hand Hillary victory

  1. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Important to know stands candidates take.

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  2. williamjamesward

    Idiot!!! ………
    Actually Idiot may be to high a praise……………William

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  3. I think not. Libertarian views are on a par with anarchist, far out of the mainstream of DEMONrats or, even, RINOs. He’s a cult following, granted. He’s the protest candidate, who cannot muster the number affording him to debate, which is unfortunate, for he should have an exposure, that voters might realize how unmeritorious, unreasonable, and unworkable his plank is. In a word, bizarre. Blogging with Libertarians, It’s been my experience, they are ill-equipped in articulating a point, view and are, indeed, insufficiently skilled in word crafting and sentence structure. Theirs is to move, lockstep, in an untenable realm of reality.

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