10 prominent doctors question Hillary’s health

10 prominent doctors question Hillary’s health

‘I can look at the video. You can look.’ To not have questions is ‘reckless’

Published: 08/29/2016 at 8:21 PM

4 responses to “10 prominent doctors question Hillary’s health

  1. Hilly accuses Donald Trump of making ‘laughable’ statements, but she herself needs to do more than opening pickle jars (which could have easily been pre loosened) or picking up papers off of the floor. I am an elderly woman who’s had my share of health problems and even I can open a darn jar.

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  2. Can we get an eleventh opinion?

    But besides considering who will get control if she falters (Tim or Bill), I wouldn’t vote for her for all the reasons the members of our choir know all too well.

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  3. I don’t think she’s in control of herself now and won’t be if Heaven forbid she gets in. Behind the scenes players are directing her just as they do the current imposter-in-chief. Why doesn’t she explain the cough? Any normal person with a normal transitory ailment would state what it is. By making a joke of it and being in denial, she’s making matters worse for herself, as it leads to conjecture and gossip. The woman is in no way qualified to be prez, nor to even be a puppet prez. Heck, after 8 years of BHO and his ugliness, if they want to put an actor in the role of prez, can’t we at least have someone good-looking, like Mark Harmon or George Clooney?

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