NY Democrat Senator Gillibrand Wants to Take in 1,500,000 Muslim Migrants | Geller

The Grey Enigma

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand is a bagman. She was handpicked by the Hillary Clinton/Chuck Schumer-corrupt-NY-Democrat-machine back in 2008 when then President-elect Barack Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, leaving her senatorial seat empty. In some dirty back-door deal, this nobody was made Senator. They wanted a vassal, a beck and call girl. That’s Gillibrand.You see, here in deep blue New York, we hold ceremonial elections that mean nothing. The Democrat machine runs this state like its own private fiefdom, a la Tammany Hall.

No one had ever heard of Gillibrand. Seven years later, we still haven’t heard of her. Until now. Who is putting her up to this is anyone’s guess. Soros? Obama? Huma?But I can promise you this, I will lead a march on this woman if she pursues this. All attendees will be required to bring pitchforks and torches. If she wants to kill this state, she…

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2 responses to “NY Democrat Senator Gillibrand Wants to Take in 1,500,000 Muslim Migrants | Geller

  1. williamjamesward

    This moron should be made to go live in one of the Islamist camps
    for a few months before being able to opine on what should be done.
    The destruction of The United States by way of social chaos and
    undermining out culture with people who will never Americanize
    engenders violence. Who is behind this, go to the top of the ladder,

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  2. I guess he doesn’t think enough crime exists in NY …!!!


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