A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. — Thomas Jefferson


Donald J. Trump

What’s not to like about Mr. Trump who wants to Make America Great Again?

His position on US-China Trade is that we need massive reform. Instead of allowing Wall Street insiders who want to move US manufacturing and investment offshore, we need to bring back jobs to America. He says, “We need smart negotiators who will serve the interests of Americans.”

Tax Reform is very much needed. Mr. Trump says too many jobs have been shipped overseas, and too many middle class families can no longer make ends meet. He has a plan and it includes:

1. Tax relief for middle class Americans: In order to achieve the American dream, let people keep more money in their pockets and increase after-tax wages.
2. Simplify the tax code to reduce the headaches Americans face in preparing their taxes and let everyone keep more of their money.
3. Grow the American economy by discouraging corporate inversions, adding a huge number of new jobs, and making America globally competitive again.
4. Doesn’t add to our debt and deficit, which are already too large.

Our veterans are very important to Mr. Trump, and the guiding principle of his plan is to ensure our veterans have convenient access to the very best care. I couldn’t agree more.

The Trump Plan Will:

1. Ensure our veterans get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it. No more long drives. No more waiting for backlogs. No more excessive red tape. Just the care and support they earned with their service to our country.
2. Support the whole veteran, not just their physical health care, but also by addressing their invisible wounds, investing in our service members’ post-active duty success, transforming the VA to meet the needs of 21st century service members, and better meeting the needs of our female veterans.
3. Make the VA great again by firing the corrupt and incompetent VA executives who let our veterans down, by modernizing the VA, and by empowering the doctors and nurses to ensure our veterans receive the best care available in a timely manner.

Second Amendment Rights – The Donald says protecting our Second Amendment rights will make America great again. He says, “The Constitution doesn’t create that right – it ensures that the government can’t take it away. Our Founding Fathers knew, and our Supreme Court has upheld, that the Second Amendment’s purpose is to guarantee our right to defend ourselves and our families. This is about self-defense, plain and simple.” It is a God given right.

Mr. Trump wants a National Right to Carry, and soldiers on all military bases to be armed. Only logical. Gun and magazine bans, and background checks are basically a failure because criminals will not obey the laws. In reality, these laws are to document gun owners for the federal data base.

It is my opinion that we have the right to carry without the purchase of a permit. That right is granted in the US Constitution, but Trump has gone farther than any politician in the last 60 years in wanting to guarantee our Second Amendment rights.

Immigration Reform is at the top of the list for Donald Trump and it is what has coalesced the people to get behind this man. The mere fact that thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens cross our borders every year, the fact that this administration is bringing in thousands upon thousands of young Muslim refugees into our country now, does not bode well for the safety of American citizens. Donald Trump wants it stopped!

Here are the three core principles of real immigration reform:

1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.
2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.
3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

Trump says Common Core is a disaster, it has ruined American education. He’s also talked about ending Student Data Mining and FERPA in his New Hampshire Speech. [Link]

Obamacare needs to be trashed according to The Donald, and he’s absolutely right about that. There is so much more that Mr. Trump wishes to do to make America great again.

Mr. Trump really is our only hope to salvage our nation, and to at least bring her back to where we can once again be proud to be Americas. He is not perfect, but he listens to the people, and he reads what is sent to him. Donald Trump is an extraordinary businessman and a very brilliant one at that. Can he save our nation? You bet he can! Oh, and by the way, Ben Swann says,Trump is Right About Legal Authority to Ban Muslim Immigrants, Other Pres. Candidates Hypocritical on Muslims?


Ted Cruz

Kelly Nelson’s recent article: Ted Cruz, Henry Kissinger, and the Globalists, covered a great deal about Ted Cruz, his wife Heidi, and the North American Union. It also covered many of his advisors and their very neo-conservative leftist connections. In the article, I mentioned billionaire Robert Mercer being the top funder for Cruz. Well, guess what the UK Guardian just revealed?

A little-known data company, Cambridge Analytica, now embedded within Cruz’s campaign and indirectly financed by his primary billionaire benefactor, Robert Mercer, paid researchers at Cambridge University to gather detailed psychological profiles about the US electorate using a massive pool of mainly unwitting US Facebook users built with an online survey.

Cambridge Analytica is now using so-called “psychographic profiles” of US citizens in order to help win Cruz votes, despite earlier concerns and red flags from potential survey-takers. They have received at least $750,000 this year from Cruz’s campaign. The “behavioral microtargeting” company has received around $2.5m over the last two years from super Pacs to which Mercer or his family members have donated.

Cruz said his funding and outreach apparatus “is very much the Obama model – a data-driven, grassroots-driven campaign – and it is a reason why our campaign is steadily gathering strength.”

Oh yeah Ted, we all loved the “Obama model.”

When Nelson Mandela died, Ted flew over to attend his funeral. Mandela was a cruel Marxist, who would not renounce violence, even to get out of prison. (My close friend recently learned, at an event where Heidi Cruz spoke in Raleigh, that Heidi’s father was a pastor and was a missionary in Africa for 40 years. Maybe that explains Ted’s devotion to South Africa. However, it does not explain showing respect for that violent Marxist, Nelson Mandela.) [Link] See video below of Ted Cruz supporting Obama’s trade deal, “Trans Pacific Partnership” (TPP).H

Ted Cruz has stated that “School Choice is today’s civil rights issue.” Obviously, he knows that federal law states that if one penny of tax monies go to a private, religious or home schooled child, all the federal regulations go along with it. [Link]

Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas, has gone on record supporting an Article V convention. This man should know better. The dangers of a Constitutional Convention today are horrendous. Why is a supposedly Constitutional candidate pushing for something that the Left wants so badly? Even more disturbing is the fact that this GOP candidate for President is not only on board with it, but has very close ties to some of the more nefarious plans for the convention. [Link] The Right and the Left are Working Together to Rewrite our Wonderful Constitution.

There’ll be much, much more on Ted Cruz in Kelly Nelson’s future articles.

Marco Rubio

Consider the situation with Sheldon Adelson and Marco Rubio.

Adelson is a very wealthy casino owner. He wants cheap labor which means he wants amnesty for illegal aliens. Rubio wants to sell Adelson the amnesty he wants, and Adelson wants to buy Rubio. In the last election, Adelson gave $20 M to Third Waver, Newt Gingrich. Heidi and Alvin Toffler’s “Third Wave” was originally founded by Marx, Hitler, and Plato.

But Adelson’s support is heavily conditioned on his main priorities: a warmongering foreign policy, amnesty, and outlawing internet gambling.

Where does Rubio stand on those issues?

On the foreign policy front, Rubio has been eager to continue the failed policies of regime change in the Middle East. He got his wish in Libya and Egypt and now wants to continue the pattern in Syria. This is the guy whosaid of Iraq, “Well, it’s not nation-building. We are assisting them in building their nation.” For good measure, Rubio recently stated his openness to shooting down Russian jets, a major plus for those who feel we haven’t had a world war recently enough.

On the immigration front, Rubio helped craft the Gang of 8 bill which offered citizenship to illegals, which he later recanted. This so-called conservativeSenator had no problem joining with the likes of the other Gang of Eight senators—Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Democrats Dick Durbin of Illinois, Chuck Schumer of New York, Michael Bennet of Colorado, and Robert Menendez of New Jersey. This group leans more towards communism and never heard of old-right Constitutional conservatism.

However, in 2015 he again came out in favor of a pathway to citizenship. Rubio also supports Obama’s executive amnesty. Oh, and he says different things to Hispanic audiences.

Finally, Rubio signed onto a bill to outlaw internet gambling. Of course, Adelson opposes internet gambling because it competes with his brick-and-mortar casino business. These candidates will do anything for money for their campaigns, and then they are beholden to their donors. Trump is the only one who is not.

Rubio’s other donors are equally as troublesome, the Koch brothers, Paul Singer, who attends the World Economic Forum, and dumped hundreds of thousands into Common Core. Singer was also a major financial force behind the Rubio-Obama amnesty and immigration expansion push in 2013. Another donor is Doug Deason who is a member of the Koch brothers’ political network.

Rubio’s donors alone should convince anyone that Marco Rubio is no conservative. More on Rubio in another article.


“She has fooled, and made fools of, many, many people over the years. Those who think she would be a good president are worse than fools.”  Patricia McCarthy, the American Thinker.

Was Hillary Clinton fired from the Watergate investigation when she was a young lawyer of 27? The information came from Democrat Jerry Zeifman, a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Clinton on the Watergate investigation. Zeifman’s 2006 book, “Hillary’s Pursuit of Power,” states that she “… engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.” [Link]

Fraud and ethics violations? You be the judge. Watch the four minute video below.

t would be impossible to list all the lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisy and more that we’ve endured with this woman. I’ll cover just a few, and then link to websites who go through her entire life of deceit and evil.

Whitewater scandal,Chinagate, Travelgate scandal, Vince Foster Jr. Mystery (Read the link entitled “The Man Who Knew too Much.” Filegate Scandal – Craig Livingstone, director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security “improperly” accessed FBI files on several hundred individuals. Mrs. Clinton called it a, “completely honest bureaucratic snafu.” “Cattle Future’s Miracle,” “Lootergate,” theft of White House furniture, and the Clinton Foundation scandal.

Then there’s Benghazi, where four men died because help was not sent. The White House and Secretary of State claimed it was over an anti-Muslim short film. Ironically, Hillary’s decision to obfuscate and dodge accountability to the public by using a private server for emails at the State Department, may actually be what has allowed her to “survive” an investigation relatively unscathed.

Check out “The out Hillary Clinton List of Lies.” It’s only 16 pages long.


We are in this mess because we have voted the wrong people into office locally and nationally. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold. Not all smooth talkers that smile have your best interests at heart or know what they’re doing. People have ears but can’t hear, they have eyes but can’t see. We as Americans must put on the whole armor of discernment. Look, Obama fooled us twice. Let’s not be fooled again. Remember “Hope and Change”? It’s time to wake up.

Who would you rather have as president to save America? The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly? The choice is up to you, the American electorate. God has given us another chance to save what is left of our beloved Republic. Come election day, please come out in droves and vote, because the enemy will. This is not a conservative, liberal, or independent issue, it’s a survival issue. Do it for the love of God and your children and grandchildren.

2 responses to “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY

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  2. As I have stated before, a really good and very politically active friend of mine is a Cruz fan all the way. In response to a Facebook post she made the other day I pointed out that Ted’s wife, Heidi, had been a member of the CFR. I also pointed out that I think if Ted is the candidate, the leftist, liberal elites will go after him big time re his eligibility because of being born in Canada. I was royally reprimanded not only by my friend but Heidi Cruz because my friend has now befriended her on Facebook. I went to the Council on Foreign Affairs website and simply could not find any indication that Heidi Cruz had ever been a member or authored any of their documents. I was also sent numerous articles justifying Ted’s birth and stating that since his mother was a citizen, he is eiligible. So was obama’s mother.

    Yes these people are trolling social media. Little does my friend know that the more she hammers on Cruz and the more I sense a cover-up by the Cruz organization, the more Cruz will fall in this household. I definitely sense a cover-up. Granted I did not do an indepth search, but I know what I know and that is not too many months ago Heidi Cruz’s name was on an article put out by the CFR as a co-auther. I think that article was the TPP or the white paper that was the foundation for the TPP. Not the first time I know for sure that websites are manipulated as in — now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t.

    Saying all of that, since Trump and Cruz are so hated by the Repubo RHINO’s, these two are definitely worth a vote. Trump first of course.

    Oh, and now my state, Missouri, has had Middle Easterners buying large amounts of dynamite, stealing propane gas tanks, purchasing thirty laptops at a time and approx. one hundred cell phones at three/four different locations and checking out Bagnell Dam. The official word — No Need To Be Concerned! May the Lord have mercy.

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