Left Turns Mentally Ill Shooter Into White Extremist

Democrats call for grabbing guns

It is now confirmed the Colorado shooter is an angry and mentally ill individual. The shooting was not ideologically driven, although one news report says the suspect had at one point handed out “anti-Obama pamphlets,” whatever that means. A neighbor told the Associated Press he did not believe the suspect, Robert L. Dear, was “overly political.”

Despite the fact the suspect is not avowedly against abortion and appears to be insane, Planned Parenthood couldn’t help itself. It portrayed the shooting as an “extremist” act of “domestic terrorism.”

          CBS This Morning

Colorado shooting has heightened security at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country.


The Socialist Bernie Sanders jumped on the tragic incident to attack his political enemies and demonstrate the faulty logic and shameless opportunism of liberals.

Democrats have exploited the shooting to call for moving forward on their agenda to dismantle the Second Amendment and strip Americans of their natural rights.

One response to “Left Turns Mentally Ill Shooter Into White Extremist

  1. Well, as someone who begs weekly at an abortion clinic for the life of the unborn, we always wonder will someone will drive by and shoot US! Wondering how that persone would be portrayed. Standing for women’s rights and couldn’t take the gospel and thought of a baby being saved. Trust me, I’m NOT insane, and there are days when we are there early enough to see the local assassin, abortionist, get to work, I want to choke him with my bare hands and use HIS weapons of mass destruction on that son of a bitch. Hard to have the love of Jesus in your heart when you actually watch him walk into the MILL and we can’t even cross a line on the sidewalk. It is almost more than we can stand when he struts in there. Thus, I leave my gun in my car………………………………………………….his tally is around 80,000 babies since 1975………..Norman, Oklahoma…….alone……….God Bless America? I don’t think so………………

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