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Why palestinians Want These Video’s Removed!!

U.S. banks are not sound, says federal report

Al-Qaida terror boss caught on migrant boat



Tunisian Ben Nasr Mehdi was discovered Oct. 4 attempting to infiltrate Italy on a boat with 200 other migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea

Warnings about terrorists infiltrating the ranks of the Muslim boat people washing ashore daily on Europe’s beaches are no longer just warnings.

For the second time in the past few months, a known terrorist with direct ties to an international terror organization has been caught trying to enter Italy posing as an asylum seeker.

Tunisian-born Ben Nasr Mehdi was discovered among 200 refugees in a migrant boat off the coast of Sicily on Oct. 4. He was first arrested in Italy in 2007 and sentenced to seven years imprisonment for plotting terror attacks with a group that has since been linked to ISIS. He tried to return to Italy last month in a boat that was attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Libya.

But authorities tried to hide the story, fearing their political opponents would use it to create “panic” among the population, the German channel n-tv reported. The story finally got out several weeks after Mehdi was detained last week.

“This is a totally predictable story to everyone but Angela Merkel and her supporters in Europe (which group includes most of the EU governments and media),” wrote blogger Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker.

“President Obama plans to admit tens (or hundreds) of thousands of these ‘refugees’ to the United States. It is obvious to anyone but a progressive that infiltration of terrorists is an irresistible opportunity for ISIS, al-Qaeda, and everyone else who wants to do us harm in the name of Allah.”

Obama plans to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year and 75,000 more refugees from Somalia, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Iran, Iraq and other countries.

The fact is, Obama is bringing far more than 10,000 Syrian Muslims to America.

The United Nations already has 20,000 Syrians processed and in its pipeline destined for more than 180 U.S. cities and towns, according to the U.N. refugee agency’s website.

This, despite repeated warnings by the FBI that it is unable to screen the Syrian refugees for connections to terrorism. WND reported the latest warning Oct. 22 from FBI Director James Comey, who testified before the House Homeland Security Committee.

Among Syrian refugees, 97 percent are Muslim and the vast majority of those are Sunni Muslim, a religious faith shared with ISIS, al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida, al-Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and many other jihadist groups.

Although he gave a false name, migration officers identified Mehdi through finger print records, according to the Independent.

Mehdi, 38, was interrogated and then deported to Tunisian authorities.

If he had not already been arrested and convicted, he would not have had fingerprints in the terrorist database.

The United Nations is working on a global ID system for refugees that would collect biometric data and is rolling it out in a few test areas in Asia and Africa, WND reported Oct. 30. It was also reported in that article that at least 7,000 Muslim male refugees have disappeared and are unaccounted for after arriving in German refugee camps. They never checked in and were never identified.

The news of another top terrorist infiltrating Europe comes a week after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Urban publicly called out billionaire philanthropist George Soros as stoking the migrant crisis in an attempt to degrade what’s left of the nation-state system in Europe.

Soros practically admitted as much in a op-ed for Project Syndicate.


George Soros, a billionaire native of Hungary, has been publicly named by Hungary’s prime minister as working behind the scenes to stir Europe’s refugee crisis

Italian authorities have said they regard Mehdi as one of the most dangerous terrorists to have operated in Italy, the Independent reported. He is considered to be an explosives expert and a contact for organizations such as al-Qaida that recruit jihadists from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Italy’s interior minister, Angelino Alfano, had previously insisted there was no evidence that Islamic terrorists were sneaking into Europe aboard migrant boats, despite warnings from right-of-center politicians that the wave of migration from North Africa represented a serious security threat. Alfano has said, however, that Italian security forces are constantly monitoring for such threats.

An ISIS operative told BuzzFeed earlier this year that the terror group already had 4,000 trained fighters inside Europe who had entered as asylum seekers. That was in May, and many critics of Europe’s open doors policy are saying the number of established terror cells is likely growing steadily across the continent and could be activated at any time.

In April, UKIP leader Nigel Farage told the European Parliament that terrorists would try to exploit the crisis. He told MEPs: “When ISIS says they want to flood our continent with half a million Islamic extremists they mean it, and there is nothing in [the Common European Asylum Policy] that will stop them.

“I fear we face a direct threat to our civilization if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”

The following month, Italian authorities arrested Abdel Majid Touil, a Moroccan accused of being involved in a terror attack on the Bardo museum in Tunisia. He had smuggled himself into Italy on a migrant boat in February.

Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has until now insisted there is no evidence that Islamist terrorists are smuggling themselves into the country among the thousands of migrants, but his ministry has admitted that Ben Nasr Mehdi is exceptionally dangerous.

When police arrested him in 2007, they found explosive detonators, poisons and guerrilla warfare manuals. Prosecutors said he had been part of a group that was setting up militant cells that had recruited potential suicide bombers.

Authorities intercepted phone calls in which he indicated he had supplied instructions and contacts to terrorists in Damascus, thus marking him out as a senior operative.

European leaders are becoming increasingly worried about the potential terror threat from the migrant crisis. Last month, German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière said his country had become a “focus of international terrorism,” thanks to migration. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has also expressed similar fears.


Bill Clinton on Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal – History Repeats Itself

My comments:  Oh yeah Bill, a great deal…what a joke, just like the Joke of the Iran deal this Marxist Muslim in our White House has pushed.  (Video less than one minute)


Dear Striking Fast-Food Workers: Meet The Machine That Put You Out Of A Job

Dear Striking Fast-Food Workers: Meet The Machine That Put You Out Of A Job

How much will these soon to be unemployed millions of low-skilled workers will cost US taxpayers?


Education in the 21st Century

U.S. Welfare Pays for “4 wives” Per Husband

This is happening in the State of Michigan, coming soon to your state as well.


Google’s TimeLine Feature. Umm, You Need To Read This Please.

Yes Folks you need to read about Google’s Timeline feature if you have not heard about it before. What it is basically is a snapshot of your life for the last 4-5 years. Where you have been, what pics you’ve taken down to the very time and day you were there. Now for some people it may be a good thing, but when I went and looked at my “TimeLine” it sorta freaked me out. Not that there was anything to worry about, but the idea that Google has been bird dogging me on a map since July (Yes I know much sooner) but to see it on a map..Well you be the Judge. And that’s the point. It seems law enforcement is now using this treasure trove of info to go after people 5-6 yrs back…Just saying.

 So a quick story on it, and then how to go in your phone and computer to shut off the setting. BTW I don’t know about you, but I always turn my GPS setting to off. Nobody needs to keep track off me. It drains the battery, and if you do need the map function just turn GPS on for a while.



Jana Winter
Nov. 6 2015, 9:53 a.m

THE RECENT EXPANSION of Google’s Timeline feature can provide investigators unprecedented access to users’ location history data, allowing them in many cases to track a person’s every move over the course of years, according to a report recently circulated to law enforcement.

“The personal privacy implications are pretty clear but so are the law enforcement applications,” according to the document, titled “Google Timelines: Location Investigations Involving Android Devices,” which outlines the kind of information investigators can now obtain.

The Timeline allows users to look back at their daily movements on a map; that same information is also potentially of interest to law enforcement. “It is now possible to submit a legal demand to Google for location history greater than six months old,” the report says. “This could revitalize cold cases and potentially help solve active investigations.”

The report was written by a law enforcement trainer, Aaron Edens, and provides detailed guidance on the wealth of historic location information available through Google Timeline and how to request it. A copy of of the document was obtained by The Intercept.

The expansion of Google’s Timeline feature, launched in July 2015, allows investigators to request detailed information about where someone has been — down to the longitude and latitude — over the course of years. Previously, law enforcement could only yield recent location information.

The 15-page document includes what information its author, an expert in mobile phone investigations, found being stored in his own Timeline: historic location data — extremely specific data — dating back to 2009, the first year he owned a phone with an Android operating system. Those six years of data, he writes, show the kind of information that law enforcement investigators can now obtain from Google.

The document also notes that users can edit or delete specific locations in their history, or an entire day, stressing the importance of preservation letters for criminal investigators involving Android phones. “Unfortunately, Google has made it very easy to delete location history from a specific date,” he wrote.

There is no indication data is recoverable from Google once it has been deleted by the user, the report says.

Location data is only stored in users’ Google accounts if they enable the feature. Individual Android users can turn it off, but users often don’t.

More from Theintercept.com Here!

OK, so to get to the settings on your computers go to link below.

Google Is A PooPoo Head

You’ll see this 

Manage your Location History
On your computer, go to your timeline. ( Link Provided)
Click the settings icon . ( Looks like this *)
Choose an option. You can learn more about them below.
Delete all Location History

On your Phone open Google Maps, check settings button , look for TimeLine, and if on Turn Off.



House GOP seeks flood of foreign ‘guest workers’



Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., (Photo: U.S. House Ways and Means Committee)

The first immigration bill introduced under Rep. Paul Ryan’s speakership Wednesday would bypass the annual 66,000 cap on H-2B work visas by allowing foreigners admitted in any of the three previous years to remain and not be subject to the cap.

Critics say it will lead to more competition for what are often middle-class American jobs and will eventually lead to more illegal immigrants as the foreign workers overstay their visas.

The H-2B is considered a “seasonal” work permit for lower-skilled workers such as cooks, construction workers, hospitality, theme park employment, maintenance, forestry, seafood processing, cruise ship employees and truck driving among many other jobs.

It differs from the H-1B, which is for skilled guest-workers and also is the subject of pending legislation sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who wants to triple the number issued to foreign workers each year.

The cap exemption on the H-2B expired in 2007. At the time, it doubled the number but it could as much as quadruple, legislative sources told WND. This is the same way the total number of existing H-1B visa workers got so much higher than the annual inflow.

The H-2B visa program, though referred to as a “seasonal” guest worker program it is not an agricultural guest worker program.

“These are explicitly non-farm jobs, often for lower-skilled work but also middle class jobs,” the source told WND. “Of course, because we don’t have a visa-tracking system and the president is not enforcing over-stay rules, it increases another avenue to add to the illegal population.”

The bill was introduced Wednesday by Reps. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., Andy Harris, R-Md., and Charles W. Boustany, Jr., R-La. It’s stated purpose is to “reform” the H-2B seasonal guest-worker program.

It is called the Strengthen Employment and Seasonal Opportunities Now (Season) Act or H.R. 3918.

The H-2B guest-worker program is used by U.S. businesses to hire foreign workers for temporary and seasonal work in a wide array of industries.

Chabot is chairman of the House Small Business Committee while Goodlatte chairs the House Judiciary Committee.

This is the first immigration bill being moved under Ryan’s speakership. There is a Senate companion from Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., and Sen. Cassidy.

“The Season Act provides much needed reforms to the H-2B guestworker program so that American employers have access to a reliable workforce during peak seasons,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “Additionally, the bill contains protections for American workers and taxpayers so that they are not adversely impacted by this seasonal guestworker program. I thank Chairman Chabot for his work on this important bill and look forward to moving the bill soon.”


Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va.

“Many small businesses playing by the rules, including many employers in the 6th Congressional District of Virginia, rely heavily on seasonal employees with H-2B visas to support industries such as forestry and tourism,” he added. “Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has issued regulations that are overly burdensome for the small and seasonal businesses that play by the rules and use this guest-worker program to hire a legal workforce.”

But critics say Goodlatte and the GOP establishment are bending the facts, making it sound like it’s mainly struggling small businesses who will benefit from this bill, even as they attempt to appease their corporate backers in the tourism, forestry and hospitality industries. Companies like Walt Disney, which has used the guest worker visa to replace American employees.

In 1970, fewer than 1 in 21 U.S. residents were foreign-born. Today is it nearing 1 in 7, and will soon eclipse every historical watermark and keep rising. Meanwhile, the wage compression enabled by long-term low-skilled migration has helped employers keep wages down beneath 1973 levels.

One of the fastest-growing categories of immigration is from the Middle East, driven in part by refugee resettlement and worker-based visa programs.


Donald Trump: Hillary Running for POTUS ‘Because She Wants to Stay Out of Jail’

On Monday at a Springfield, Illinois rally, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton in running for president to avoid going to jail.

“People are in jail right now for doing five percent of what she did and the Democrats are not gonna to prosecute her, and it’s frankly a disgrace,” Trump said. “And you know it and so do I and so do these people right here—they know it.”

Regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State and mishandling of classified information, Trump said that “and you better remember that there’s a six-years statute of limitations on that crime.”

“Hillary is running for a lot of reasons—one of ‘em is because she wants to stay out of jail.”

Trump added that, “if we had honest government, Hillary wouldn’t be allowed to run.”

Trump mentioned that General David Patreaus got two years probation for sharing classified information with his mistress “and he was somebody that everybody liked, everybody respected.”

“What [Hillary Clinton] did is so much worse,” Trump said. “If I win, we’re going to look into that crime very, very seriously folks.”

Trump said that Clinton’s email scandal is a “real problem” and mentioned that Hillary is probably “watching right now” and saying to herself, “man, I better win.”

Trump later asked, “can you imagine Hillary being president?”

He observed that Clinton recently “got a little burst of energy because she figures she is not going to indicted” and got through the Benghazi hearings. Trump said he blamed House Republicans for the “ridiculous” Benghazi hearings that may have arguably benefited Clinton.

But Trump said that Hillary’s “energy is not a natural energy” and is “not going to last long.”

“There’s always problems with Hillary,” Trump said. “It’s always a problem.”