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Democrat senator wants court to allow homosexual father to marry his son

Freaking Outrageously Funny And Appropriate

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews were joined by a hilarious and appropriate backdrop Friday night.


Two Cops Face Murder Charges for Killing a 6-year-old

Comment – Killer Cops Strike Again. How long are We the People supposed to let this go on?


Body cam footage “most disturbing thing I’ve seen,” says state police colonel



White House gives up on Israeli-Palestinian two state solution peace deal

For the first time in two decades, a the prospect of a negotiated two-state solution is not on the cards, admit White House officials

 US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embrace
US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2013 Photo: AFP/GETTY

President Barack Obama has admitted there is no possibility of securing a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians and doubts whether he will even be able to get them back round the negotiating table while he is in office.

Ahead of the Washington visit of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister next week, Mr Obama has made a “realistic assessment” that a peace deal will not happen before he leaves office in January 2017, US officials said.

“The president has reached the conclusion that, barring a major shift, the parties are not going to be in the position to negotiate a final status agreement,” said Rob Malley, Mr Obama’s senior Middle East adviser.

It marked the first time in two decades where the White House “faces a reality where the prospect of a negotiated two-state solution is not in the cards,” Mr Malley told journalists.

The admission comes at a time of soured relations between Mr Obama and Mr Netanyahu, who clashed bitterly in the spring over nuclear negotiations with Iran.

In an open challenge to the nuclear deal, the Israeli leader accepted an invitation behind Mr Obama’s back to address the US Congress, where he criticised the White House’s efforts in the nuclear deal.

The Israeli prime minister also set out a hawkish approach to peace negotiations in March of last year, announcing on the eve of parliamentary elections that he would not allow for the creation of a Palestinian state were he re-elected.

Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party won a resounding victory against a strongly-tipped centre-Left opposition grouping, the Zionist Union, largely by appealing to supporters of Right-wing parties like the Jewish Home, which opposes a Palestinian state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP)

US-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians collapsed one month later.

At the time Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, said Mr Netanyahu’s comments had forced the White House to “re-evaluate” its strategy for achieving a two state solution.

But in the interceding months, there has been little evidence of any successful efforts to foster a new approach.

“We’ve tried many different approaches over the course of the administration,” said Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communication. “Direct negotiations, indirect negotiations, the U.S. putting out some principles. And again, at each juncture, ultimately the parties themselves did not take the sufficient steps forward to reach a negotiated two-state solution.”

The meeting on Monday, the first by the two leaders since the collapse of the talks, comes after a bloody month in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Eleven Israeli civilians have been killed by Palestinian attackers; whilst scores of Palestinians have died during clashes with the Israeli military.

Dan Shapiro, the US ambassador to Israel said that, even with a solution beyond reach, he believed Mr Obama and Mr Netanyahu would use the meeting to discuss “what steps everybody can contribute to providing that atmosphere, obviously reducing the tensions and the violence that has been going on, and maintaining the viability of the two-state solution for the future”.


Obama Care


Putin Declares there is No Global Warming


Risky Drug from Big Pharma

Dear Reader,

Each step sends waves of agony from your toes straight up your leg.

Even the short trip from your bed to the bathroom feels like you’re walking a mile on broken glass.

Gout is painful. It makes life miserable. But at least it won’t kill you.

And any drug used to treat it ought to be able to make that same promise.

But a new gout drug called lesinurad may be the most dangerous Big Pharma has ever tried to force on gout patients. It can attack your heart and your kidneys — and maybe even shave years off your life.

And thanks to one of the most shocking votes in FDA history, it may be headed soon to a prescription pad near you.

Risky business

Just one vote.

If the FDA unleashes AstraZeneca’s lesinurad (it’ll be sold under the brand name Zurampic) on millions of Americans with gout, it may all be because of one measly vote.

You see, an FDA advisory panel recently recommended that the agency approve lesinurad — and that’s scandalous enough.

But when the panelists had to vote on whether lesinurad was safe — and whether its benefits outweighed the risks — it squeaked by with a 7-6 vote.

And one of the panel members decided not to vote at all.

But the fact that even seven of these so-called drug experts could think lesinurad was OK for you to use makes this whole vote feel more rigged than a Third World election.

Let me explain. When AstraZeneca first started testing lesinurad, it used a 200 mg dose. But that wasn’t enough to get the job done.

People in the study were still experiencing gout flare-ups and were developing those painful, needle-like uric acid crystals.

So the company increased the dose to 400 mg — and that’s when the problems really started. I’m talking about heart problems, major kidney issues and even an increased chance of death.

Death? To treat gout? No thanks!

So AstraZeneca and the FDA are leaving gout sufferers with two options. Take a lower dose, which may not work — or double up on your pills and play Russian roulette with your life.

That’s some choice, huh?

Believe it or not, one panel member even said that if lesinurad turns out to be too dangerous (you know, after millions of us have been used as lab rats) the FDA can just “take it off the market later.”

Are you kidding me? What rock has this guy been living under? You know by now that there’s a better chance of finding Bigfoot riding a unicorn than seeing the FDA pull an approved drug off the shelves.

And trust me — lesinurad is headed for approval at warp speed.

The recommendations of expert panels are almost always rubber-stamped by the FDA, so you can pretty much bet the farm that lesinurad will soon get the agency nod. And that, of course, will be followed by a loud chorus of bells and whistles from the AstraZeneca hype machine.

And that’s why you need to be on guard. Lesinurad will be touted as “the first selective uric acid reabsorption inhibitor” available in the U.S.

There are going to be lots of doctors just itching to try it — and that puts every gout patient in America right in the crosshairs.

The good news is that there are plenty of natural — and proven — remedies that can help keep those gout attacks in check. They may not come with that worthless FDA stamp of approval — but they won’t damage your heart or kidneys, either.

For example:

  • Apple cider vinegar has been shown to break up uric acid crystals and help prevent them from reforming in joints. It also can reduce swelling and inflammation and help balance your body’s pH levels. Many gout sufferers have reported relief within hours. The recommended dose is two to three tablespoons in a glass of water up to three times a day.
  • Tart cherries (or concentrated tart cherry juice) have a flavonoid called anthocyanin. It’s what gives cherries their red color, and it’s been shown to have an anti-inflammatory, pain-killing effect. If you buy juice, just make sure it doesn’t have any added sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • Water can also help to flush the uric acid out of your system — only be sure it’s pure, nonfluoridated water. And skip the soda and alcohol, which can both promote gout flare-ups.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“FDA panel backs lesinurad (Zurampic) for gout” Troy Brown, RN, October 23, 2015, Medscape, medscape.com

Alert re: Vaccines

* Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

  • Note taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson – 11/4/15

Dear Reader,

What’s worse than forcing one of the most dangerous vaccines around on hundreds of thousands of schoolkids?

How about giving them a double dose of it instead!

New York has just become the latest state threatening to yank kids out of classrooms if they don’t roll up their sleeves for government-mandated vaccines.

A new law would require all seventh graders to get the meningitis shot before they can start school — and then get a follow-up dose before they enter twelfth grade.

The same meningitis vaccine that can cause paralysis and even kill you.

It’s a move that’s going to put kids everywhere in harm’s way. And a group of politicians is already angling to make sure you’ll be powerless to stop it.

No shots, no school

They’re “selfish.” Or “stupid.” Or don’t really believe in God.

Believe it or not, these are just some of the insults that New York Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz is hurling at parents who don’t line their kids up for every vaccine the state recommends.

Dinowitz is just one of dozens of condescending New York politicians who are trying to take away your freedom to decide what’s best for your kids forever. And they’re using the same playbook we’ve already seen in states like California, Illinois and Rhode Island.

No vaccines, no school — and no exceptions.

The assault on New Yorkers’ rights started when the Legislature passed — and Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed — a bill that requires meningitis vaccines for all seventh and twelfth graders. This new law’s supporters will tell you that it’s based on the latest science and hours of testimony from meningitis victims.

But trust me — they didn’t look at all the science. And it doesn’t seem like they spent five minutes hearing from all the people who had their lives ruined by these shots.

As I’ve told you before, the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has documented thousands of cases of serious reactions — and even deaths — linked to meningitis vaccines. Just the short list of terrifying side effects includes:

  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A nervous system disorder that can lead to paralysis;
  • Transverse myelitis: A dangerous and painful swelling of the spinal cord; and
  • Anaphylaxis: A severe allergic reaction that can kill you.

That’s some price to pay to try to prevent a disease that’s incredibly rare. It’s no wonder so many parents bend over backwards to keep meningitis vaccines away from their kids.

But if you live in New York, you’re about to lose that right, too.

You see, getting a vaccine exemption has never been a walk in the park in New York. You’re actually banned from skipping vaccines based on personal, scientific and philosophical objections.

But now politicians like Dinowitz are spearheading a bill that would end your right to object to shots based on religious grounds, too — including vaccines like measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) that are made with aborted fetal tissue!

In fact, in a recent interview Dinowitz said he believes most people who object based on religious grounds are faking it! Where does this guy get off? This blowhard has the nerve to make generalizations based on millions of people he’s never met — and then he turns around and questions your integrity?

It just shows you how brainwashed these politicians have become when it comes to vaccines. And how they’re willing to trample the rights of the same voters who put them in office as long as it keeps their mainstream and Big Pharma masters happy.

So what can you do?

Well, if you live in New York, contact your legislators and demand that they repeal the mandatory meningitis vaccine requirement. And tell them you don’t support S6017, which would end religious exemptions.

And if you don’t live in New York, reach out to your reps anyway and let them know how seriously you take the right to decide which shots make sense for your kids or grandkids.

Because this attack on our freedoms has become a national epidemic.

And we haven’t heard the last of it.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“New York students will need to get meningitis vaccine” Jon Campbell, October 28, 2015, Press & Sun-Bulletin, pressconnects.com

“Bill would end religious exemption for vaccines” Dan Goldberg, July 30, 2015, Politico New York, capitalnewyork.com