Islam a religion of peace?

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Many Western leaders in recent times, most notably David Cameron and Barrack Obama, have continued to label Islam a ‘religion of peace’. This is particularly distressing, considering that Great Britain and the United States have always been, and supposedly continue to be, the two major leaders of the ‘free world’, in their steadfast support for democracy and freedom. To my mind, the implications of the definition of Islam as a ‘peaceful’ religion are twofold.

There are two possibilities, as to what this statement reveals about Obama and Cameron, and scores of other Western leaders. Firstly, it may represent that these individuals are genuinely oblivious to the threat that Islam brings to our society. Their intelligence may in fact be so low, that they are unable to connect the dots, to see the facts, and recognize the truth.

However, considering the levels of education of these two men, I consider this to be…

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6 responses to “Islam a religion of peace?

  1. Not a religion….. more like a violent, intolerant, oppressive, political cult….
    … much like the democrat/socialist/communist party.
    It’s also a load of bullshit, or camel shit, or goat shit……

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  2. So much of what we hear in the media is propaganda. Just because someone is quoted, or writes an article, or is interviewed, does not certify that they’re a beacon of truth. Everything needs to be checked and double-checked these days. But one lie that is foremost in the media is that Islam is a religion of peace. Hogwash. Once quite awhile ago I was babysitting for some Muslim neighbors. They were from Serbia. After the kids were in bed I noticed an English translation of the Koran and read through as much as I could. It indeed states that infidels should be killed if they refuse conversion, and nothing about what I read was peaceful. .I tell this story because it isn’t just about what I read in the book, but about what happened later. I received a phone call from the neighbor asking, in a less than friendly tone, if I had read any of their books while I babysat. Feeling very uncomfortable by her tone, and not knowing this neighbor very well at all, I confess – I lied and told her I had not read any of the books. I’ve never been asked such a question by any others, and I wonder how they knew I opened one of the books from the bookcase, and why she would be concerned about it. And these were “nice” Muslims living in Suburban America. There is just something very unnerving about Islam’s followers- one must be very wary.

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more, I believe they watch us very closely, I believe they are the most dangerous entity in the world today, and I believe unless the world rises up and puts a stop to their march for total control, that we are in for some very terrible, terrible times.

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  3. I don’t trust any of those bastards…….

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    • Me neither, not a one, why? Because when there are enough of them in a country, the so-called “peaceful” muzzies all join with the radical terrorists who love to chop off heads…all demanding things from the government of the country they’ve infiltrated and bred like rats in for a number of years. I really detest them, but I also pray for them when I see them.


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