A Suspicious Mind

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Despite leaks, insiders opining, considerable disinformation, and mixed signals, VP Joe Biden finally copped out from seeking the democrat party nomination for president. Essentially, the undergraduate and adult plagiarizer confessed to waiting too long and now being unable to organize the indispensable staff and ground game to compete with Hillary Rodham Clinton–even though he’s had months, if not longer, to do so.

But what if….?

What if Biden’s handlers, aided and abetted by the White House, perhaps at the last minute, have another game plan?

What if the pro-Biden, anti-Clinton forces thought that his coming in now might, at least, cause ill will among many democrats and, at worst, cause a schism in the party that could cost Clinton unacceptable defections on her road to the nomination and then hurt her in the general election?

What if they (especially the White House) has inside knowledge that, at best the forthcoming FBI report will wound Clinton considerably and, at worst that she will be indicted thus costing her (and the democrat party) the general election?

What if the game is to keep Biden out, and allow Hillary to be irreparably wounded?

What if, when that happened, a “spontaneous” draft-Biden movement suddenly appeared?

What if Biden then, doubtless with tears in his eyes, answered the call of his party and for the sake of the country (and the children) jumped into the ring–the old-warrior savior of all that’s good on the far-left spectrum of American politics?

No fingerprints, no having hurt Hillary, no dividing the party. Just good old uncle Joe standing tall once again to defend mom, apple pie, and, of course, the working man and middle class.

Just wondering……………


4 responses to “A Suspicious Mind

  1. I would not put anything past our political operatives regardless what party affiliation they might have. The prez, his handlers, the Clinton’s the world/global elites know that this election is either a make or break point for instituting the One World Order. It is also a make or break point for WWIII. Putin keeps saying there will be a WW. Our dear leaders (scarasm intended) will have to get us into another WW because of the dollar falling, falling, falling! The dear leaders will think that a WW is the only way to convince the ignorant American public there is to ‘save’ the dollar. When in actuality, everything that will happen is planned out to gain global governance. May the Lord have mercy on us!

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  2. Always remember, Man plans, God laughs. But for the life of me, I cannot see how anyone could consider voting for a criminal like Clinton.

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    • Me neither, but my liberal neighbors think she’s brilliant and that no one really cares about her emails, and they think that someone else was responsible for Benghazi, which is totally untrue…can’t tell them a think…so weird.


    • Cathy, it boggles my mind too, but I have a good analogy. Nazi Germany 1940 – 1945. I’ve just watched this history channel show about Germany and all the different groups. Hitler youth, etc. Anyway it was after the war this show and they were doing all of these interrogations (recreations) . So it went on to show how devoted most of these youths were. Why? Because they were brought up their whole lives under Nazi propaganda.

      Germany went from great depression to being very prosperous. They made these youth groups fun. The whole country went along. It was a slow methodical plan.
      Even when they went to war the people supported because they were winning. It was not until 1945 when Germany itself started getting a beating did people question what was going on.
      Now back to the show. These kids still after the war idolized Hitler. They had to be shown like documentaries of what the world was really like, and the things Hitler really did. They had a very hard time excepting that what they had been told for 15 years was not true. It took some several years to believe

      Just like today. Our young people have been fed the liberal tripe for years. That’s all they know. They do not come here for the truth. So to them Hillary is cool. The sites they get their info from says the email thing is a witch hunt,
      Benghazi no big deal.
      And that I believe is why Hillary is OK with some people.
      What I don’t understand is why the FBI don’t arrest the lying wench.

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