Trump: I’m the Reason Why Biden Won’t Run… Here’s the Bombshell Reason Why [EXCLUSIVE]


A source with strong political connections told Conservative Tribune exclusively Wednesday morning why Vice President Joe Biden would not be getting into the Democrat primary after all.

According to the source, current GOP front-runner Donald Trump has “dirt” on Biden that would presumably prevent his winning the Democrat nomination.

The precise nature of the information Trump has about Biden was not immediately available, but the source expected Trump to release — or at least hint — at it later Wednesday, probably through social media.

Biden made the announcement earlier in the day, telling the American people: “Unfortunately, I believe we’re out of time,” according to the Associated Press.

Speculation has risen about the possible entrance of Biden into the race as Hillary Clinton’s campaign has begun to stumble. Accusations of improper handling of classified materials on her private email service while secretary of state, and an FBI investigation into it, have dampened some Democrats’ enthusiasm for the former first lady.

As recently as today, political pundit and former Bill Clinton consultant Dick Morris speculated that if Biden were to enter the race, it would be a good indication that the vice president holds insider knowledge about the possibility of a forthcoming indictment against Clinton.

Now, our source tells us there is definitely some insider knowledge involved in the dynamic of Biden’s decision — but it’s knowledge held by Trump about Biden, not Biden about Hillary.

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