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Why Donald Trump is the Most Qualified Person to Manage the Executive Branch of the United States

Brooks Payne Thornhill
A short narrative of Mr. Donald J. Trump’s life and why he’s the most qualified person to manage the Executive Branch of the United States.

It was June 14th, 1946 and penicillin had only become available in Britain just a week before, Umberto II ended his reign as Italy’s last King and less than a year before WWII ended as the world saw the Power and capabilities of the United States. This was a defining day in American and world History. It’s the day the 45th President of the United States came into the world and we would come to know him in about 25 years. This is the day in Queens, NY and period in time Donald J. Trump was born and America was number #1 in the world. Donald was the 4th of 5 children born to Fred and Mary Trump, two very accomplished and hard working people who were a team.

As a child Donald had great parents and went everywhere with his father who was known as a very frugal, but successful man. Fred Trump was known to rarely splurge,  but would buy a new American car that was blue every 3 years. Donald learned everything involved in real estate from the construction to management. He was a sponge and had tremendous respect for his Father. Mr. Fred Trump was successful in real estate and as a builder. Fred Trump built low-cost barracks for U.S. Navy Personnel near shipyards on the east coast and built thousands of apartments for returning Veterans after the world war. Over Fred Trump’s career he built well over 30,000 apartments in and around Brooklyn and Queens. Donald went everywhere with his father as a toddler and then as a young man.

Fred and Mary Trump were very committed parents and wanted to make sure their children had the best shot. Donald had so much energy his parents decided to send him to a military academy when he turned 13. There, he excelled in academics and sports while becoming a leader among his peers. More people need to talk about Mr. Donald J. Trump’s early days because these are the days that created the man we know today. He had very strict but good parents that knew what was best for him and it looks like those decisions and lessons paid off. Mr. Trump continued on to graduate from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Economics.

The year was 1971 and cigarette ads on TV were now banned in the U.S., Apollo 14 had been an amazing success, Satchel Paige was the first black athlete to be voted into the Baseball Hall of fame and Vietnam protests were everywhere. This was a very busy year with a lot of good things happening and a lot of troubling things happening. This is the year Mr. Donald J. Trump left his father’s comfort zone outside the big city and made the move to Manhattan where he imagined his future creations. For the next couple years he made some great deals and started building friendships, friends he has to this day. He had a vision and was not going to let anyone stop him, not ever.

In 1974 Mr. Trump had the acumen to see the deal that would catapult him into the big leagues. He obtained an option with the Commodore Hotel which wasn’t doing very well. Mr. Trump is always thinking ahead, and he knew its location near Grand Central and downtown would pay off. He went into a partnership with the Hyatt Hotel Corporation and drafted a great deal with the city to refurbish the property. He renamed the final product the Grand Hyatt and it was a massive economic success that changed part of the skyline forever as he lined the building with beautiful glass. Mr. Trump was now the most well-known developer in Manhattan and possibly the United States. The TRUMP brand as we know it was being created.

Between the success of the Grand Hyatt and the year of 1990, Mr. Trump had success everywhere from Casino’s in NJ, a number of great properties and hotels, and writing the best business book of all time, The Art of the Deal, which is still the go-to book of its genre today. In the early 90’s the real estate market in our country completely crashed, and I remember this as a kid because my father was in commercial real estate himself. I, like Donald when he was a kid, went to many places with my father during his time in real estate. I actually remember going to pick up rent with my father at his properties. Mr. Trump during this time took a serious hit to his wealth and many believed he wouldn’t make it out of this storm but he did what he had to, he made deals with lenders and climbed out of this hole many others didn’t. Many failed, but he didn’t.

The wisest and most successful people I know were never afraid to fail, and if they did they learned a whole lot from it. My father falls into that category and so do I. People of action never succeed every single time. At 29 I know what it’s like to struggle with a business I attempted previously and I can tell you I know the gut wrenching feeling very well and it’s changed me. I know what it’s like to have debt and wonder how I’m going to pay for it. I respect Mr. Trump for coming back when many doubted him. I can tell you it changed him for the better as well. When you stand to lose everything, your mind comes up with solutions that you never knew existed. This is one of many reasons he’s very prepared and capable to get us out of this current financial crisis we’re in with over 18 trillion looming over our heads.

At this point in the 90’s all of Mr. Trump’s children who are now adults currently had been born. They would start watching him through the 90’s and early 2000’s just like he once learned and worked with his father. Through the 90’s Mr. Trump really ramped it up with new purchases and projects all over Manhattan and topped it off with his purchase of Miss Universe and Miss USA in 1996. No organizations do more for young women like these pageants. They teach public speaking, current events, keep them focused on an extracurricular activity  and absolutely teach them how to dress for success and professionally. I have family and female friends that were involved in pageants and modeling with different success rates but one thing is a constant, they’re all successful to this day. Very successful. Two come to mind, one works at the Pentagon and the other is a business owner. Yes, both are beautiful and they both dress and speak very well. They say amazing things about their involvement with pageants and modeling as young women.

In 1999, Mr. Trump’s father passed and because of the father-son relationship I know Mr. Trump made his father very proud during his life watching his son go off on his own and do very well. It was very clear to anyone that Donald had the utmost respect and love for his father. This was a hard hit to Mr. Trump because his father had been a role model for him throughout life. There were a few quiet months during this time.

Mr. Trump’s success really blossomed like never before through the 2000’s and the list of properties he has built, renovated, and lent his name to are too many to list but the brand TRUMP is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. He has been on countless shows and too many interviews to list. He also ramped up his portfolio of golf courses which he’s purchased, fixed and built from scratch all over the world. Mr. Trump was approached by a producer for the show, “The Apprentice” some time ago and we all know the result. Because of the success he’s had in his business life, the show was one of the biggest hits ever and had ratings that broke all kinds of records at the time and still do, ratings and records which still stand.

Mr. Trump has received countless Honors throughout his career and most recently received the Leadership Award from the Commandant of the Marine Corp via the Marine Corp Law enforcement foundation. The Trump family has consistently been giving to charity for decades including cancer research and treatment. Mr. Trump also built the Vietnam Memorial which he’s very proud of. His respect for Veterans is very apparent and every Veteran I know personally, including myself, will be voting for Mr. Trump.

Someone that’s done as much as Mr. Trump leaves me with the difficult decision on what to not include when listing all the great things because I don’t have the time to write for days. I have to work myself! I can assure you I’ve been closely following the success of Mr. Trump since I was fairly young, unlike some of my peers and with the climate in our country and world right now he’s our guy. I’ve read all his books and they get better and better. I trust in him and his ability based on where he’s been and what he’s done with what he’s learned.

I have time to say one final thing about this man, and it’s one of my most important issues. Our friend Israel needs a friend in our American President and us more than ever before. Our current administration has turned their backs on Israel, and no one is more bothered by this than me. No one. Well maybe one person, Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has Jewish grandchildren and one of his daughters and son-in-law are Jewish. Through 35 years Mr. Trump has become very good friends with Jewish people he’s met through business and other activities. I know of multiple Israeli-Americans and Jewish people very close to this campaign and we all agree on one thing. We trust Mr. Trump when it comes to protecting the Jewish people and making sure NO ONE ever lays one finger on one of the smallest countries on the planet. I really trust him.

We have to ask ourselves do we want someone who knows how to imagine, build, repair, grow and manage massive budgets and construction projects that are involved in every facet of each business he owns. This includes giving healthcare to over 10,000 people as we speak. Do we want a ladder climbing politician who’s trained heavily on talking points and completely bought and paid for, a failed CEO that sympathizes with Muslims, or a brain surgeon who didn’t know the 2nd amendment two years ago when speaking with Glenn Beck. Who has negotiating skills like Mr. Trump? None of the other candidates, that’s for sure. Not even close.

Many people are nice, not many people are qualified to manage the Executive Branch during this challenging time. There may be an appropriate position in a Trump administration for a select few candidates but we certainly know Mr. Trump is the most qualified for President. I’m voting for the most qualified and capable person. You should as well.

In 1989, when Oprah asked if he would ever run for President, he said he probably wouldn’t because he didn’t think he would be inclined to, but would never rule it out if it got so bad. He was tired of seeing our country get ripped off. Mr. Trump said that it’s gotten so bad, he can’t stand to watch it anymore. No one will lose if Trump is president. Everyone else gains, A LOT. He’s the only one doing this for all the right reasons. As Americans, we’re very sheltered because we have the best of everything and water on both sides. The rest of the world isn’t like this, and it’s very dangerous, and we’re getting weaker by the day. If we don’t win this election, we’re never going to win another one, and that’s a fact. The Democratic Party Leadership has come close to completely destroying our country. Mr. Trump’s entire life has prepared him for this. Mr. Trump never quits, he never backs down, he is fair, and will stand with YOU, ME, and our true ALLIES no matter what. He is everything the Democratic Party Leadership is not, and for that reason we must elect him.

I’m asking each person that’s reading this to dig deep inside their thoughts and try to come up with a real reason why anyone else in this race is more qualified and prepared to be our 45th President. The world and our country with another Democratic President isn’t a world I want to raise kids in. I need you to stand with me. This isn’t politics as usual, this is the last chance we have. Every great civilization the world has ever known failed, including the Roman Empire, when they got comfortable and forgot what made them great. Too many of us have forgotten our roots, and this election will go down in history as evading disaster, or the election that sealed the fate of the United States.

The President of the United States is the manager of the Executive Branch and the most influential person in the world. They are charged with appointing the leaders of each government branch with congressional approval and there’s only one person that has such vast hiring experience in finding qualified people. That man is Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Please vote for Mr. Donald J. Trump and assist me in edifying his message during the next year and creating new conservatives most importantly, by sharing and donating to our efforts.

Donate here:


I’m asking for your help. Thank you,

Brooks Payne Thornhill
National Operations Director
Citizens for Restoring USA

Do me a favor and share this with all the right people. We cannot leave this election to chance.

Brooks Payne Thornhill's photo.
Brooks Payne Thornhill's photo.
Brooks Payne Thornhill's photo.

“Christian Whores:” The Abuse Of Female European Aid Workers By Muslim Refugees


Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana governor and 2016 presidential candidate, might end up best remembered for an interesting line during his long-shot campaign: “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.”

When reading this dispatch from the Vlad Tepes blog about the ugly situation in Nickelsdorf, Austria, an invasion certainly seems a good description of the “Syrian refugees” streaming into Europe…

When you dare to take a look at the border town of Nickelsdorf, population 1,600, you will literally be blown away: uncontrolled, illegal migrants wherever you look, and an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions.

As early as arriving at the railway station in Nickelsdorf one will notice crowds surrounding ‘Trafiks’ (slang for tobacconist). An astonishingly high number of immigrants – or migrants, want to pay with 500 Euro-bills. The Trafikant is obviously overwhelmed by this payment method, which seems to have been going on for a long while now. The customers are baffled for being rejected due to lack of change.

Of the two border accesses to Nickelsdorf, the smaller one has been closed. And at the larger one, an amazing amount of taxis are waiting with license tags from Vienna. It appears that here, all Austrian laws have been rendered inoperative. Sometimes up to eight people per Taxi are being chauffeured to Vienna, each person at an individual price – at a complete lack of police control or even prevention.

Something even more frightening…

To the onlooker, the population in the border town appears accordingly resigned. Especially women haven’t dared in months to go out alone on their bicycles or even by foot; the chances are too risky and too great to suddenly find oneself surrounded and confronted by a gaggle of foreign love starved young men.

As Daniel Greenfield notes, they’re not really “love-starved young men,” they’re Muslim rape gangs. Incidence of rape in Europe has skyrocketed amid the wave of “refugees” to the continent, to such an extent that a de-facto Sharia law is settling on places like Nickelsdorf; European women no longer feel safe to live as Westerners in Western lands thanks to the new guests.


Mobility is an across-the-board problem nowadays for the indigenous population. For the longest time, all train traffic had been completely stopped to and from Nickelsdorf; the trains stopped at the station before the town. And here you see the same picture you can see with the Railjets of the öBB, the Austrian Federal Railway, in all trains that were used to transport immigrants: All railway wagons were extremely filthy beyond the acceptable. The trains had to be cleaned and disinfected. Many wagons were rendered useless due to the contamination of feces. Many of the immigrants of the near and the middle east have no use for western toilets – just like they have no use for our idea of garbage disposal. The local garbage collection locations at the most were used as convenient pissoirs.

There are rumors that will not stop of several police recruits, who were sent and stationed where no one else wanted to go, that have ended up suffering of mysterious and unknown ailments. Details are not being disclosed, due to lack of information.

Everything completely filthy

Commuters of the 87 kilometers near Vienna Neustadt report, that in the until recently of hundreds of immigrants occupied Arena ‘Nova’, there also was an unusually massive burden and exposure of fecal matter, because these guests from foreign countries “went potty everywhere”. The supplied porta-potties were left “completely filthy” and unusable.

Many people in Nickelsdorf feel completely let dow by their government. “It’s like at the end of the war, back when the Wehrmacht surrendered the area east of Bruck on the Leitha to the Red Army and we were left completely defenseless at the mercy of the marauding Russians”, one man remembers the stories his grandparents told him.

And finally…

One unsettled female voluntary helper tells that “we were continuously berated as Christian whores.” Others just don’t understand just what kinds of people were marching through the land completely uncontrolled and unregistered, with the blessing of the government: “There were the most strangest types, some way too tall Chinese, supposedly from Mongolia or similar areas, colored people in all shades – but hardy any Syrians.” The rumor that Hungary had used the chaos to empty out their prisons, is persistent.

It’s not assimilation, it’s invasion. And like an invading army living off the land, the “refugees” are ravaging places like Nickelsdorf and leaving them destroyed.

You cannot import large chunks of the Third World into the First World without making the First World look like the Third World. That is precisely what the “Syrian” refugee crisis has brought on in Europe. Responsible leaders would be acting strongly to put a stop to it and reverse it.

Nevada family’s land stolen after refusing government buyout


groom mine

Barbara Sheahan has described the Nevada property that’s been in her family for 130 years as priceless. Evidently, the government thought so too.

The Sheahan’s Groom Mine property has for decades been an island of private property surrounded by the U.S. Air Force’s infamous Area 51 base.

“From our great-great-grandfather, to our grandfathers, to our fathers, they were raised there,” said Joe Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner told Las Vegas Now. “This was their home.”

The property, which contains several outbuildings as well as a lead and silver mine, is surrounded by a government buffer zone meant to protect government secrets housed at Area 51. And the Sheahan family says they have done nothing to lead the government to believe they are interested in breaching those zones.

If the Sheahans have been good neighbors to the military installation, they have done so with a great amount of patience.

According to the family, since the government began conducting military tests near their property in the mid-1950s, a long list of harassing incidents has occurred.

“First, we really didn’t want to come public, but the Air Force has forced us into it. We want ’em to know what they have done over the last 60 years to our family is not acceptable,” said Dan Sheahan, Groom Mine co-owner. “[Bullets] were fired over our property. The bullets, the cases dropped on the ground right there and then.”

The family even claims that an errant bomb took out one of their structures.

“This has been like I said a 60-plus year nothing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government, the AEC, Black Ops, CIA and you can go on and on,” said Joe Sheahan, Groom Mine heir.

Even with the government-caused headaches, the Sheahans never had any interest in selling their unique desert property.

“I have a geologist friend who I took out there, who’s just a buff, and he said it is literally almost priceless,” Barbara Sheahan told Las Vegas Now. “There is so much there, not only the ore which is in the ground that can be mined, but in all the intrinsic value of what’s on the land.”

That’s why the family rejected the federal government’s $5.2 million offer to buy the 400 acres.

“We are hopeful the family will accept our final offer to purchase roughly 100 acres of owned property and about 300 acres of unpatented mine claims for $5.2 million,” said Jennifer Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations said when the offer was put on the table. “We understand the landowners’ connection to the land, but we must also consider the demands of national security.”

Unfortunately, the offer was nonnegotiable (as so many things are when dealing with bureaucracy) and the federal government changed its tune after the Sheahans’ rejection.

In retaliation, federal officials condemned the Groom Mine property and ordered the family off the land. To add insult to injury, the government proclamation that the land was unsafe knocked the amount its rightful owners would be compensated (under duress) to just $1.5 million.

“There’s nothing fair, there’s nothing anything remotely close to that involved in this process,” Joe Sheahan told Las Vegas Now.

“But there never has been either, so it’s nothing new. But we would like to change it at least to get our stuff out and be paid the value,” Barbara Sheahan added.

Aluminum Awareness Month

 Do our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson – 10/20/15

Dear Reader,

Could something as simple as your deodorant be giving you breast cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But if you ask me, it needs to be Aluminum Awareness Month, too.

Especially if we’re talking about prevention.

For years Big Pharma, the government, and even billion-dollar consumer products companies have been promising us aluminum is safe. They’re packing it into everything from our water to the antiperspirants and sunscreens we’re slathering all over our skin.

But alarming new studies prove what I’ve been telling you for years — aluminum is like rocket fuel for cancer cells. Too much exposure can put you on the fast track to cancer and could even turn a harmless tumor deadly.

And that’s why taking five simple steps right now to protect yourself — and your family — may just be a matter of life and death.

A heavy-metal metamorphosis

When we’re putting on our deodorant in the morning, the last thing we think about is whether we might be creating a deadly chain reaction.

One that could even lead to cancer.

But research is proving that many of us are paying a high price for smelling good and keeping our underarms dry. That’s because lots of deodorants you’ll find in the supermarket are loaded with aluminum-based salts that are easily absorbed by our skin.

A British research team has been studying the effects of aluminum deodorants on breast cancer development for years — and it’s not as crazy as you might think. After all, we’re applying these deodorants just an inch or so from our breast tissue.

It turns out that the aluminum in deodorants can actually cause breaks in the DNA in our breast cells — the kind of damage that’s like a starting bell for cancer. Even worse, the aluminum actually interferes with our bodies’ natural processes for repairing the DNA.

In other words, these seemingly harmless deodorants can put you on the fast track to cancer. And the problem gets a little worse every time you roll on that antiperspirant in the morning.

Even worse, researchers found that aluminum-based deodorants can be even more dangerous if you already have breast cancer — or have a small, relatively harmless tumor that you might not even know about.

In their latest study, just published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, researchers found four different ways that aluminum might scatter breast cancer beyond the breast into other parts of your body. And it can take as little as five months of aluminum exposure for breast cancer to start spreading like wildfire.

Just think about how many years we’ve spent using our favorite deodorants — sometimes more than once a day.

While much of this recent research has focused on aluminum in deodorants, there are literally hundreds of different products that can expose you to toxic levels of aluminum. But if you take these five steps, you can do a lot to cut back on the amount of it that finds its way into your body.

Step #1: Ditch the aluminum-based deodorants. You can check out a good list of aluminum-free antiperspirants here. Print it and bring it with you on your next trip to the supermarket — and don’t be afraid to order online if you need to.

Step #2: Avoid that daily aspirin. I’ve been telling you for years how aspirin can cause potentially life-threatening bleeds and can even be dangerous for your heart. Worse still, nearly all aspirins are buffered, and buffered aspirin contains — yep — aluminum.

Step #3: Skip the after-dinner antacid. Taken as directed, some over-the-counter antacid brands can deliver an enormous dose of aluminum. Try natural treatments like ginger or licorice for indigestion instead.

Step #4: Wear extra layers for sun protection instead of using sunblock. Many sunblocks and sunscreens contain dangerous levels of aluminum. Check out this list from the Environmental Working Group to make sure your favorite brand is safe.

Step #5: Filter your water. A good home reverse osmosis system can pull the fluoride out of your water. And studies show that fluoride binds to aluminum and helps it cross into your brain. And that might even put you at risk for Alzheimer’s disease!

There are lots of small but important ways you can avoid aluminum exposure. Always read labels closely and look for ingredients like aluminum chloride or aluminum chlorohydrate.

And if you see them, don’t touch that product with a 10-foot pole. Especially if that pole is made of aluminum.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

“New study reinforces the connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease” The People’s Pharmacy” October 15, 2015, peoplespharmacy.com

‘Frustrated’ Muslims Can’t Stop Killing Jews… and Everyone Else

Muslim “Frustration” caused 9/11 and every other act of terror.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

As Jews were being butchered in the streets of Jerusalem, Secretary of State John Kerry blamed them.

“There’s been a massive increase in settlements over the course of the last years, and now you have this violence because there’s a frustration that is growing,” the nation’s greatest diplomat said.

“Settlements” are Jews living in parts of Israel captured by the invading Muslim armies in 1948, from which Jews were ethnically cleansed, and then retaken and liberated by Israel in 1967. A Jew living in a part of Jerusalem from which Jews were driven out in 1948 is a “settler” who “frustrates” Muslims.

And who can blame Muslims for taking an axe or a knife to those frustrating Jews? Not John Kerry.

Back before 1967, Muslim terrorism had to be attributed to “frustration” at Jews living anywhere in Israel. Before Jews had an independent state or any realistic possibility of achieving one, Muslims were frustrated at Jews living. And so they strove to make the Jews into the “unliving” by murdering them.

That much hasn’t changed.

“Frustration” is one of the most common excuses for Muslim violence. Most frustrated people just punch a wall. It takes a special sort of person to respond to frustration by ramming into a bus stop and then hacking at an elderly Rabbi with a cleaver or stabbing a 13-year-old boy on a bike.

But Muslim “frustration” is an international problem.

9/11, according to the OIC, was caused by Muslim “frustration.” Boko Haram’s bombing of churches and mass murder of Christians in Nigeria is due to “frustration.” When the Taliban blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan, their spokesman claimed that they did it out of “frustration” with the West.

In the UK, Jahangir Mohammed, director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs, says Muslims are “very angry and frustrated.” A Home/Foreign Office report warned that Muslim terrorism was caused by “the lack of any real opportunities to vent frustration.”

NPR tells us that French Muslims are “frustrated.” Muslim migrants showing up in Sweden are also finding “frustration” there. In fact, as far back as 1995, the New York Times informed us that “Europe’s Muslim Population” is … you guessed it: “Frustrated.”

Are the Muslims frustrated in Australia? Yes, they are. They’re frustrated in New Zealand. They’re even frustrated in Canada. They’re frustrated in Atlanta and Baton Rouge. Are Muslims frustrated in China? Newsweek warns us that “frustration” could “drive” Muslims in China to join ISIS. Muslims are even frustrated in Pakistan where they’ve managed to kill or repress all the non-Muslims.

In India, we are told that “Muslim frustration broke into violence on Direct Action Day… when after three days of dreadful slaughter 20,000 Muslims and Hindus lay dead in the streets of Calcutta.”

The textbook, “The Muslim World in the 21st Century” informs us that “Indonesia saw an outburst of the frustration against Chinese domination of the economy in 1997.” This is a nice way of saying that angry Muslim mobs ran wild murdering and raping Chinese people because they actually worked for a living.

But what other people consider psychotic behavior and war crimes is just Muslim frustration. When they get frustrated enough, Muslims have to stab a bunch of Jews in Jerusalem, rape hundreds of Chinese women or fly planes into the World Trade Center.

If only everyone else didn’t frustrate Muslims into behaving that way.

Back in the US, political scientist M. Steven Fish claims that Muslim terrorists feel “frustration and humiliation” because the “Christians won big.” The Christians have been giving back their winnings since the 1950s, but Muslims have only been getting more “frustrated” with every Christian concession.

Fathali Moghaddam at Georgetown invented “Staircase Terrorism” (which despite the name doesn’t involve Muslims pushing non-Muslims down staircases), which claims that Muslim aggression begins with feelings of “frustration” that lead to violence.

Muslim frustration leads to aggression. When the poor dears get worked up enough, they get violent. The more their violent efforts are frustrated, the more violent they become. Before you know it, they’re throwing a suicide bomber tantrum and diplomats rush off with a pile of candy and concessions to reduce their frustration levels to slightly less murderous norms.

Instead of giving them an immigration time-out or a shock-and-awe spanking, they hunt down whoever made poor Mohammed Jr. feel so frustrated that snookums is out on the streets stabbing people.

“What do you want from Mohammed? He’s frustrated. He’s a very sensitive boy. Why can’t you be more understanding of his feelings and stop trying to fight back when he comes at you with a butcher knife?”

All this global Muslim frustration, though, seems to indicate that the problem might be Mohammed.

Muslims are frustrated by the Jews in Israel, the Christians in Europe, the Buddhists in Myanmar, the Yazidis in Iraq, the Hindus in India and the atheists in Bangladesh.

If there’s a religion that Muslims can live in peace with, it has yet to be discovered. If frustrated Muslims succeeded in their goal of wiping out or enslaving all non-Muslims, they would go back to taking out their “frustrations” on each other with Sunnis and Shiites slaughtering each other as they do today.

It’s not us. It’s them.

Muslim frustration is as universal as death and taxes. If Muslims just had an issue with Israeli Jews, then it might be the fault of the Jews. But how does one explain ongoing Muslim conflicts with Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Yazidis, atheists and even other Muslims? It can’t all be the “settlements.”

Either everyone (including other Muslims) is picking on Muslims, oppressing and frustrating them, driving them so deep into despair that they have no choice but to hack elderly Rabbis to death or rape Chinese women in Jakarta… or the Muslims are the ones picking fights with everyone else.

When one group of people is constantly bombing, stoning, murdering, raping, burning, beheading and stabbing every other religion it can get its hands on… maybe it’s the real problem.

John Kerry blames the “settlements” for Muslims stabbing Jews.

And yet during the Scorpions’ Pass Massacre in 1954, there were no “settlements.” Despite that, “frustrated” Muslim Brotherhood Bedouin terrorists massacred eleven Israeli passengers on a bus; including a 9-year-old boy whom they shot at point blank range. A 5-year-old girl who survived found her mother had been raped and her finger had been cut off for her wedding ring.

But back then the rapists and child-murderers were “frustrated” at the existence of Israel. So what of the Hebron Massacre in which the Jewish population was exterminated with knives and axes? Blame Zionism. Then what of the Safed Massacre in 1834? The Jewish victims were raped and murdered. This was not to be confused with the Muslim attacks on Jews in Safed in 1838 or 1927 or 1517.

Were the Muslims frustrated by Zionism or “settlements” in 1517?

Muslim “frustration” with Jews leading to outbreaks of butchery has a long history. Because it’s not about “settlements” or even Jews. It’s not about unemployment in Europe or American foreign policy. It’s not about Myanmar’s refusal to accommodate Muslim Rohingya invaders or Chinese businesses in Indonesia. All of these are excuses for Muslims to do the terrible things they want to do anyway.

Muslim violence is not about anyone else except Muslims. No one else is responsible for Muslim violence except Muslims.

The one thing that Muslim murderers excel at is playing the victim. Someone always “made” Mohammed do it. Someone got him so frustrated and upset that he had no choice but to rape and kill.

There’s a term for the kind of people who think like this; criminals. There’s a term for the kind of people who defend them; leftists.

The Muslim case for justice can be found in the books of a million police departments where all the stories begin with the criminal feeling sorry for himself and end in hospitals and morgues. The story always begins with, “I wanted what was coming to me” or “She shouldn’t have made me angry.”

We don’t put up with that behavior from individuals. Why do we put up with it from an entire culture?

There’s a place we send people who start killing when they get frustrated enough. It’s called prison. We can’t lock up the entire Muslim world, but we can lock ourselves away from it by ending migration and immigration to the civilized world from a Muslim world where frustration justifies violence.

And maybe, if Muslims get frustrated enough by this civilizational time-out, they’ll choose civilization over barbarism.



Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb.

The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval has refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why.

“Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, and its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.

“Muslims must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec. “They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who, so generously, welcomed them.

“Muslims must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic. Canada accepted many immigrants before Muslims showed up (whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants).”

“Just like other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity or their culture.

“And, if Canada is a land of welcome, it’s not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.

“Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain.”

The municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.

“For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Sharia.

“If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere. We will not let you drag Canada down to the level of those 57 countries.”

“Ask yourself this question – just once: “Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?” “A canteen with pork on the menu is part of the answer.”

If you came to Canada with the idea that you will displace us with your prolific propagation and eventually take over the country, you should pack up and go back to the country you came from. We have no room here for you and your ideology.

If you feel the same, forward it on. If not, hit the delete, and prepare to be displaced.

What “courage” this man has, sure would be wonderful if the USA had just some of the guts and leadership as this Mayor!!