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The TPP is an Assault on our National Sovereignty

Comment: Posting this for a friend. Excellent information.

Sue Long for  the Committee for Constitutional Government, Post Office Box 972, Gloucester, VA 23061 4theconstitution@va.metrocast.net

Dear Fellow Patriot,

The TPP is an Assault on our National Sovereignty

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposal of merging America with eleven Pacific Rim nations.  Its terms have been finalized by Obama and the other nations involved and is now awaiting Congressional approval.  It is to be voted on by both the House and the Senate.

But, wait a minute!  A treaty requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate.  Sure, but Obama couldn’t get that many votes, so he called it a Partnership, and a complacent Congress went along. Then, Congress voted for Fast Track, which facilitates the final vote, making it much easier for it to get passed.  It will be voted on without a filibuster or discussion, just a straight up or down vote with only a simple majority.

The gist of TPP is that it would bind our country into a regional government that would be the governing body of America, taking precedence over our Constitution.  We would be ruled by its dictates and no longer would we have the protection of our God-given rights that our Constitution provides.

Sound preposterous?  That is what happened in Europe.  What has become the European Union (EU) was sold in 1952 to the European nations as a simple trade agreement, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), as being something good for jobs and their economy.  The ECSC has morphed into the EU, the supranational entity that rules the former independent European nations.  They are no longer free countries.

Not only has the EU dictated economic matters, new EU regulations hinder the use of healthy alternative health care options by banning thousands of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, greatly reducing their availability.   Thus is the pattern of these mergers.

Here, TPP is being hyped as a trade pact.  A free trade pact could be done in one page.  Do we need another trade pact?  We have already started down that road by signing on to NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).   Where has that taken us?  How often are we frustrated by calling a company only to find ourselves trying to decipher what we are being told by someone who is unable to communicate with proper English? How many people have lost their jobs to someone overseas? These are the result of NAFTA – a free trade agreement.   Why would we want any more such partnerships?

And, furthermore, TPP has about five pages on trade out of a total of about a couple thousand pages. Other considerations by the eleven nations of the TPP have been:  immigration, climate change, sustainable development, homeland security, the military, and international courts. The terms were debated and a final version was agreed upon, but who knows what is in it?   The document is being kept secret from the public. Even the legislators who will be voting on it have been hampered. Before the Fast Track vote, they were allowed to see the then-version only by going to the White House basement where they were given a few pages at a time.

They were not allowed to take any recording devices or take notes.   And, they were forbidden from telling any private citizen what they read. Does that sound like something we would be eager to have?

Political pundits have said that Obama has pushed far more for this than he has for any other piece of legislation.  You can be sure he would not be doing that for a simple trade bill, nor would he keep the terms secret.

The labor unions, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all oppose TTP but only because of the lost jobs effect, not the rest of the terms.  Some Republicans are sold on it, thinking that it is a good trade deal that would counter Chinese exports.  They should know that once TPP is in place, China can be admitted to TPP and we can do nothing to stop it.

Can it be stopped?  The Globalists’ proposals for merging countries into regional units that can then be merged into the United Nations are nothing new.    One such was during George Bush the younger’s term when the proposal was to merge Canada, America and Mexico into one regional government, the North American Union (NAU).  But a massive educational effort by the John Birch Society and their allies brought enough opposition to bear so that the NAU failed to materialize.   The globalist powers-that-be put it on the back burner and are subsequently pushing for other plans:  The Treaty of the Sea (global  control of the oceans),  the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) (merging America into  the EU),  Trade in Services Agreement (adversely affecting our jobs in services), and the one up for passage right now, the TPP.

We can stop it again.   You may think that asking your legislators to oppose TTP is a wasted effort.  And, true, in some instances, it may not change their vote, but it would still have an impact.   Before legislation is brought up for a vote, the promoters take notice of how much opposition there is to it.   If it is sufficient, they will postpone the vote or come up with a different angle.

This was the case in the 1970’s when the plan was to merge all the countries in the world directly into the United Nations (UN).  But, there was sufficient exposure of the UN, spearheaded by The John Birch Society, that it was necessary for the globalists to abandon that plan; and, as a result, we have been given all these years of freedom as an independent nation.  Plan B then became the formation of regional governments that can then be merged into the UN.  We now see that being implemented.

So, spread the word and ask others to do what you have done, which is to contact your Representative and two Senators in D.C. and urge them to vote NO to TPP.

Ease the ache without steroids or painful physical therapy

8Note taken from : Daily Dose with Jack Harrison 10/17/15

I love sports as much as the next guy, but it’s getting harder and harder to watch the games these days as spoiled multimillionaire superstars pull themselves out of the lineup with minor injuries.

Could you imagine Joe Montana missing time with something like “turf toe?” That was a guy who had a back injury so severe his own doctors told him to retire.

Instead, he had major surgery and was back on the field in less than two months!

Today’s so-called athletes are often more concerned with their image and marketability than trying to tough it out to help the team.

Of course some injuries really do make it tough to be at your best — and you don’t have to be an athlete yourself to get laid up by one of them.

Tennis elbow is one of the most common, and believe it or not most people who get it have never even picked up a racket.

If you spend your free time fiddling in the garage… if you’re your own landscaper… if you’ve never had to call a plumber, electrician or carpenter because you can handle it on your own… then YOU could suffer from tennis elbow, too.

And unlike a superstar athlete, you can’t cash million-dollar checks while you “recover” in trendy nightclubs.

No, you need help — but when you go to the doc, he’ll give you the runaround instead. He’ll give you a steroid injection and send you off to be tortured, aka physical therapy.

But new research reveals that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do!

The study finds that folks who get the shot plus a little torture do slightly better at six weeks than folks who do nothing at all.

After that, however, they actually get WORSE!

At 12 and 26 weeks, folks who do nothing are in less pain and have more mobility than folks who go through with the shots and PT. And one year later, everyone is doing pretty much exactly the same.

Why bother?

Other studies have also shown that steroid shots do squat for tendon injuries such as tennis elbow. What you need, in addition to some time to heal, is a little collagen to give your body the tools it takes to repair the damage.

You’ll be back in action a whole lot quicker than any of those spoiled athletes.

Elbowing anyone in your way,
Jack Harrison

GOOD: Girl in Vicious, 5th Grade Viral Bullying Video Is Arrested


Editor’s Note: The father of this little brat should be ashamed of himself for attempting to defend his daughter’s actions here and I think next time the father of the victim needs to teach his little girl to fight back.

You may have seen this video going around the Internet. If you haven’t, be warned: It’s a pretty vicious video of a 12-year-old girl beating up another little girl, dragging her around by her hair and kicking and punching her as the victim offers absolutely no resistance and does not fight back at all.

(In other words, it’s pretty hard to watch, because innately, you wish like hell the whole time that the victim would fight back and beat the crap out of this bully.)


The video has been viewed over 8 million times in the past few days.

Well, unlike many of these videos where you see it and wish you hadn’t because then you have to wonder days later whether or not the aggressor will ever be held responsible for his or her actions, at least in this case there is some justice.

The 12-year-old bully involved has been arrested and the authorities are taking this one a lot more serious than a mere case of bullying. She has been charged with felony assault on school property. Her first court appearance will be on Friday, Oct. 16, where the video of the assault viewed by so many will surely make a stellar impression on the judge.

The other kids who stood around laughing and filming are currently under investigation at their respective schools as well. The girl’s father is trying to claim that the video “doesn’t tell the whole story” of what happened before filming began, but come on.

If this little girl thinks she’s going to be able to trot around acting like this in juvenile detention, she can think again. Just wait until someone bigger, stronger, and tougher does fight back…

The world is a much harsher place than an empty schoolyard.

Find out what’s going on in your community with ‘refugee resettlement’


Muslim invaders are arriving in cities and towns across America, with many more to come. Perhaps you’ve seen your town transformed. If not, you soon may. It’s call “refugee resettlement” which is code for transplanting entire communities from hellholes in the Middle East to once beautiful towns and neighborhoods across America.

There are many things we all need to know to ward off this systematic destruction of our communities, and indeed our country. Below you will find vital information, including ways to take action. First I will explain some of the factors that impact how invaders wind up where they do.

Preferred Communities Program (PCP): This program targets small towns and rural areas for refugee resettlement. The rationalization is that these settings are best suited to attend to the myriad needs of refugees as compared to large cities, and that smaller communities are more welcoming to refugees. PCP collaborates with the Office of Refugee Resettlement and partner agencies to identify communities they deem most ideal for refugee resettlement. Here’s the deal: Small towns and rural communities often have easy access to public assistance programs. That’s it. It’s all about where to get free money and services. (That’s how you wind up with pockets of Somalis in places like Wyoming.) Meanwhile, conservative areas of the country are being targeted, helping to turn red states to blue. For additional information on PCP, including lists of designated “preferred communities,” see here and here.

Welcoming Communities: These communities fall under the umbrella of “Welcoming America,” an organization devoted to refugee support. See their mission statement: “Welcoming America inspires people to build a different kind of community– one that embraces immigrants and fosters opportunity for all. We are leading a movement of inclusive communities across the nation becoming more prosperous by making everyone who lives there feel like they belong.” The vision for this organization is about importing increasing numbers of migrants under the banner of diversity, inclusion, and prosperity — a trio of politically correct buzzwords that appeal to the brainwashed masses. The “different kind of community” to which they refer is part of the fundamental transformation. (As I wrote about in a recent blog, Boise, Idaho, is a “welcoming community.”)

Wilson-Fish (WF): This program shifts control and decision-making power from the states to the federal government on issues pertaining to refugee resettlement and the provision of public and private services to refugees. There are currently 13 WF states: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Vermont. San Diego County, CA, is also a designated WF region. As you will notice, the majority of these states are red states. What’s up with their governors? We need to educate them. (WF is one reason why Idaho, of all places, is a hot spot for Muslim conquest.) If you live in a WF state, lobbying against refugee resettlement will be a bit more complex since your governor does not have direct authority to make decisions on this issue. In order to do so, he or she would first need to change the status of the state so it was no longer a WF state. To learn more about WF see here.

Charities, Corporations, and the Chamber of Commerce: There is money to be made off of invaders in the form of cheap labor for business and large grants for charities. Many of the organizations reaping these benefits are integrally involved in the programs discussed above. It is crucial to find out who the corporate and non-profit players are in your community so you can apply pressure on them to cease and desist.

There are many more individuals (like George Soros) and organizations (like the Partnership for a New American Economy) that are advocating for this invasion, but those noted above are some of the big ones.

So who is trying to stop this and how can we take action? See below for a few ideas.

Refugee Resettlement Watch: Ann Corcoran is the founder of Refugee Resettlement Watch. She is a force of one — a private citizen who became curious, educated herself, and formed an amazing organization that is on the front lines of this battle of the ages. She serves as an example for us all of what an individual can (and must) do to protect our families and communities. This excerpt from the “About” section summarizes how the organization came into being. As you will read at the end, Corcoran makes herself available to speak with concerned citizens about refugees being settled in their communities. (A 4-min video that offers a succinct summary of who she is and what she’s doing can also be found here.)

Eight years ago it came to our attention in Washington County MD that a non-profit group (Virginia Council of Churches) had been bringing refugees into the city of Hagerstown (county seat) for a couple of years. Some problems arose and citizens started to take an interest and ask questions about how this federal program works. Our local paper had no interest in finding the facts, so we decided to find them ourselves.

One of the many startling things we found out about this very quiet effort is that these non-profit groups bring to the US on average each year 15,000 (FY90-FY03) Muslim refugees from the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, etc, almost completely funded by the US Government through grants and contracts to these non-government agencies…. Although we all have sympathy for persecuted and suffering people there are real questions to be answered about the wisdom of this policy.

It turns out that there are hotbeds of this refugee resettlement controversy throughout the US. We have identified some of those. Because the issue is much more complicated than we initially realized, we have set up this online community organizing center at https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/.

If you have information or questions from your communities about Refugee Resettlement please get in touch with Ann Corcoran at RefugeeWatcher@gmail.com.

ACT for America: Brigitte Gabriel, the founder and CEO of ACT, is another force of nature. ACT for America is currently implementing a citizen action campaign to apply pressure on mayors who are eager to import refugees into their communities, including mayors in charge of cities in the following 14 states: CA, CT, GA, IL, MA, MO, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and RI. ACT for America has a web form citizens can use to send letters to the mayors currently under scrutiny, here. ACT for America has chapters throughout the United States. I would urge AT readers to join if you are not already a member. (Act for America is one among many organizations doing exceptional work. They need our support and involvement.) For those not familiar with Gabriel’s heroic work, or for those who could use a bit of inspiration, here are two videos of her speaking at the Values Voters Summit (this year and last year). You will not regret time spent listening to her. Videos of Gabriel’s speeches and interviews deserve to be distributed far and wide.

Maps and Contact Lists

This is a list of members of Congress who are pressuring Obama to speed up screening of Syrian refugees so they can be imported more quickly.

This is where you can find information about elected officials and businessmen who support the Partnership for a New American Economy (an organization that peddles the idea that immigration helps our economy).

This is information about legislation proposed by Congressman Brian Babin (TX-R) to suspend Obama’s plan to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders. (For more information see here, here, and here.)

This is a list of refugee resettlement contacts by state. It is a resource to find out what’s going on in your state, including plans for admitting more refugees. (The list is from 2014, so it is not absolutely current.)

This is a list of charities that are integrally involved in refugee resettlement by state. (Additional lists can be found here and here.)

This is a list of “preferred communities.”

This map shows the locations of “welcoming communities.”

This map shows where there are concentrations of programs and services for refugees.

These maps show states with high concentrations of refugees, high concentrations of mosques, and hot spots for terror activity. (And of course it all correlates.)

Take Action

Many (most?) of us feel tired, hopeless, and cynical — saddened and enraged that our voices seem to fall on deaf ears. But we cannot use this as a reason to stop speaking out in any and all ways possible. How can we walk away from a brave legacy of Americans fighting against all odds? How can we ignore the human history of movements that pushed back against tyranny and evil — battles that were long and arduous?

We are 1500 years into this battle. Each of us must do our part. Join organizations working to block the wholesale importation of Muslims who will destroy America from within. Support elected officials and/or candidates who are on the right path. Contact elected officials who are taking us down the wrong road, even if you think your voice won’t matter. Maybe it won’t. But maybe we are in a moment in time that is a small building block of something larger to come. I have no idea. How can we not try without relent?

Don’t hope or assume someone else will pick up the torch. Even if someone else does and even if we do, as well, there are still not enough of us. Let’s change that.

We are foot soldiers without a leader. But soldier on, we must.



Comment: Here is an Average Awake American calling in to the Alex Jones show, I urge y’all to listen closely for nine minutes and read his article below.

He scares me… Because he’s right… At the same time he inspires hope. We Are Not Alone! There are millions of us, Prepared and preparing. And it won’t be over ’till the fat lady sings ‘God Bless America”!

For some reason I am reminded me of  the official motto of the State of New Hampshire.

Did You Know America Now Similar to 1930s Germany?

The parallels between 2015 America and 1933 Germany are shocking

by  Illinois Mike


If you think the things that have been done in this country under the current administration are bad, it’s what is yet to come that we need to keep our eyes on.


Ultimately it will be “the People” as a whole who will choose between stopping or participating in the demise of this country.

All of perversion and anti-American activity that is being pushed and displayed to the population is being done with a purpose; if we look back just 70 years ago we can see exactly why.

In Germany prior to the adoption of National Socialism the country was comprised of 2/3rd Protestant and 1/3rd Catholic; Germany was essentially a Christian nation.

Coming into the 1930s and before the rise of Adolf Hitler, Germany was considered the most socially progressive country in Europe: open homosexuality, transgendered persons and the whole cabaret culture was adopted by and thrust upon the population by the types of people we would call “liberals” today; in fact the first recorded male-to-female gender reassignment surgery occurred in Berlin in 1931.

This type of activity and behavior was hefted upon the average German who was tolerant of it because of their Christian foundations, initially having a “live and let live” attitude toward the other members of their society. However, because they saw it destroying their traditional value system and were watching it being thrust upon their children, it was essentially grinding on the underlying psyche of the average German citizen; much like the United States today.

Then suddenly a tough-talking man comes on the scene, speaking in populist language about restoring the greatness of Germany, knowing this was exactly the average citizen greatly desired.

One of the first actions taken to “return Germany to greatness” was the Reichstag Fire Decree which modified their constitution to allow restrictions on personal liberty, especially the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, the right of assembly and the right of association.

There were also restrictions on privacy in postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on private property.

This was followed by the book burning which was the purging of German society of the “literature of perversion;” literally the burning of pornography and associated materials and text books that were viewed as the source of the perversion they were seeing all around them. This quickly evolved into burning all sorts of things that challenged the agenda of the Nazi party.

Then the round ups began.

In Milton Mayer’s 1955 book They Thought They Were Free, the poem by Martin Niemoller that is often quoted regarding the rounding up of persons can be found.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

More accurately, they first came for the gypsies and “perverts” who had “tainted German society” and those people who had “come out” and “proudly identified themselves” during the tolerant period.

You can see this as the catalyst that helped to spin things out of control in order to “purify and restore the greatness of Germany.

Once the concentration in the ghetto’s and round ups began, the ignorant brow beaten population was now effectively scared into submission. Their submission and worship of God was transformed into the submission and worship of the state and the groundwork was laid for all hell to break loose.

So, as scary as the shift is that has occurred under the current political leadership in America, it is the rapid and extreme movement in the other direction that we should all be aware and afraid of.

The people are ready to support anyone who is willing to “get the job done” and this is the point where “…decades can happen in weeks” (to quote Vladimir Lenin) swinging this country so far in the other direction that we will find ourselves quickly on the wrong side of history.

We have a stunningly ignorant, brow-beaten population crying out for a strong leader to restore the greatness of America.

We have the legal frame work of control in place.

We have dozens of groups from “preppers” and “patriots” to “transgendered persons” who have arrogantly identified themselves thanks to pop culture encouragement.

We have the surveillance structure Germany didn’t have, with everyone and their predispositions and social associations carefully catalogued through the technology they haven’t been effectively encouraged to avoid.

We have religious, ethnic and other minorities that are being blamed for every ill possible proudly identifying themselves.

We have “leaders” emerging, who are pitching a populist message with a “get it done” attitude who pledges to restore and prove the greatness of the United States.

Everything is in place, we just need the “right leader” and another catalyst event and we’re all going to be in deep trouble.

One has to ask themselves, if for instance the Republican “tough guy” candidate with populist rhetoric were to be elected and he and his “get it done” attitude wanted to “round up” and “deport” ethnic and religious minorities like the Hispanics and Muslims, how many people in today’s society would really oppose it? Where would it go from there? How could the voice of reason ever stop it once it starts?

The bottom line is one man is not going to fix this mess and will only act to lead you to your own demise; the only way to fix this is that the people are going to have to find it in their gut to stand up and speak out.

Can the New York Times Discuss Whether Mohammed’s Flying Horse Really Visited the Temple Mount

Buraq was a flying horse with a woman’s head.


So the New York Times lapsed into what has been called Temple Trutherism by trying to deny the existence of the Jewish temples on the Temple Mount. Their work was taken down by Liel Leibowitz at The Tablet and others. The Times offered a limited correction.

But let’s have some equal time here.

The Temple Mount is holy to Jews because of the Temples. So the New York Times chose to discuss whether the Temples really existed. It’s holy to Muslims because Mohammed supposedly flew there on a flying horse (with a woman’s head).

Can we get a discussion of whether that really happened? Or does the New York Times only find it acceptable to mock Judaism, not Islam?

Let’s interview some of the same scholars and archeologists as to whether the entire Muslim basis for laying claim to the area has any basis in reality. The New York Times discusses the need for “independent scientific verification” of the Temples. How about “independent scientific verification” of this?

Here are some things for the New York Times to verify…

  1. Buraq was a flying horse with a woman’s head. Can we get any verification that such a creature ever existed.
  2. Buraq flew from Mecca to Jerusalem and back in one night. “The distance between Mecca and Jerusalem is 755.1 miles. To complete this feat in one night would have meant that Buraq must have been jet propelled in the 7th Century.” Please provide independent scientific verification of the existence of a flying horse with a woman’s head that can travel faster than the speed of sound.

Oddly the New York Times doesn’t appear to be interested in independent scientific verification of Islamic Supremacist myths.


Terror in Israel—Why’s the World Media Yawning?

That fear of making Israel look “good.”


There’s been a terror onslaught here in Israel for the last week and a half. Those of us who bother checking foreign media outlets have noticed that there’s relatively little coverage. This is mainly good, since, of course, coverage of Israel’s conflicts with Palestinians and neighbors tends to be quite hostile to Israel.

Still, it raises the question of why interest isn’t greater this time. Those hallowed principles of “If it bleeds, it leads” and “Jews are news” would seem to apply.

True, they don’t apply on the scale of last year’s Gaza war, which drew huge coverage. But that may give a clue as to the explanation.

In that war much larger numbers died than in the current terror onslaught—and given Israel’s superior military capabilities and Hamas’s use of civilians as human shields, they were predominantly on the Palestinian side. A lot of scenes were broadcast from Gaza hospitals. The “text” was: see what the Israelis have done now!

In this current campaign so far, four Israelis have been killed and many more wounded. The number of Palestinians killed is, again, larger—but they were primarily killed by security forces fending off attacks, with few cases of collateral killing of civilians.

Still, a lot of what is happening would seem to be “newsworthy.” Even in Israel, with its long history of aggressions by surrounding populations, terror organizations, and countries, what’s happening has been almost unique.

Along with the usual rock-throwing and gun ambushes, they’ve been lunging at us—on streets and sidewalks, in malls and bus stations—with knives and screwdrivers. These “lone-wolf” attackers aren’t terrorists per se. Many have been teenage boys—or teenage girls, or young women.

They mostly come from the territories—but some also from within Israel—looking for Jews, any Jews, to kill. They’re crazed with hate and not seeking a “two-state” solution and definitely not “peace.” The hate largely takes the form of a religious frenzy—after months of the Islamist organizations and the Palestinian Authority drumming the libelous message into their heads that Israel is scheming to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Even for the media with its anti-Israeli bias, it may hard to finagle these hate-crazed, religiously motivated attacks into its “Israel victimizes Palestinians” frame. It gets even harder when one looks at individual cases.

On October 3, for instance, Aharon Banita, his wife Adele, and their two young children were attacked by a Palestinian stabber in the Old City of Jerusalem. Seeing her husband fatally wounded and having been stabbed herself, The Times of Israel reported that Adele

“…yelled ‘please help me!’ and [the surrounding Palestinian shopkeepers] just spat at me.…”

Banita said Palestinian youths who saw the attack laughed and cursed at her as she yelled for help.

She said that one of them slapped her and another laughed in her face and told her to “drop dead” when she told him she’d give him a million shekels if he helped her get away with her two babies.

“They saw that we were with two baby carriages,” she said.

Are there some Palestinians whom even the “elite” media can’t love?

And on October 7, in the town of Kiryat Gat in southern Israel, there was this incident:

A Palestinian man stabbed an IDF soldier and grabbed his gun…. He then fled to a fourth floor apartment….

The soldier was lightly injured in the attack, with wounds to his head, apparently inflicted with a pair of scissors….

Liat Ohana said she encountered the terrorist in the kitchen of her apartment, and that “he had murder in his eyes.” She said she pushed him into her kitchen, where she heard him rooting around in the cutlery, apparently looking for a knife. The gun he had seized had no magazine.

She and her mother fled, screaming, she said, and later heard gunfire. “I didn’t think I’d get out alive, but I was determined to fight,” Ohana said later. The security forces “shot him in my kitchen,” she told Army Radio.

Liat Ohana, in other words, is a heroine. And there have been other cases of heroism by Israeli civilians, like the ones who pinned down a stabber in a shopping mall on October 7, and the female soldier in Tel Aviv on October 8 who, though stabbed with a screwdriver, fell on her gun and stopped the attacker from getting it.

Heroic Israelis fending off Palestinian killers? Seems “dramatic” and—with Israelis not the only ones under Islamic attack—even inspirational. But it’s not the stuff mainstream-media stories are made of, and only those following Israeli outlets are likely to know about these cases at all.

Of course, to the extent that the media has covered the events, it’s been up to its usual antics. The BBC’s headline for the abovementioned attack involving the Banitas, in which Aharon Banita and another man were killed before security forces killed the attacker, was: “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.” HonestReporting gives a spate of similar examples gleaned from a single day.

At this point it’s not yet clear if this terror wave will die down or intensify. If the latter, it can be safely assumed that the Western media will increase its coverage on the side of the assault.

We know that the Palestinian attackers are driven by a systematically inculcated religious and nationalistic rage. What drives the Western media’s dehumanization of Israelis and identification with their killers?


MN Governor Dayton: Don’t like immigrants, get out of Minnesota!

Failed War On Drugs.

The other day Freedom Rider did a post on the “Failed war on Drugs”  Here. I found this today and as a follow up let me say it really shows what a failure it’s been. Check out the statistics involved.

October 16, 2015

Reality Check: U.S. Non-Violent Drug Offenders Incarceration Rate Is Shameful

Nearly 6,000 federal prisoners are about to be set free.

It’s part of a new program that is releasing non-violent drug offenders after three decades of policies that have kept them locked up. But is 6,000 barely scratching the surface of what needs to happen?

This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

At the end of this month, the Federal Bureau of Prisons will release about 6,000 federal prison inmates who have been locked up for years for non-violent drug offenses.

This will be the largest one-time release of federal prisoner ever. It’s an effort, we are told, to reduce overcrowding and provide relief to drug offenders who received harsh sentences over the past three decades.

We’re going to talk about those issues in a moment. But first, how was this decision made?

We knew we had a problem in America with incarceration,” former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said. “A nation with 5 percent of the world’s population has 25 percent of the world’s prison population.

Here’s how this works: the U.S. Sentencing Commission, an independent agency that sets sentencing policies for federal crimes, reduced the potential punishment for future drug offenders last year and then made that change retroactive.

That means within one month, 6,000 federal prisoners will be released.

Then, between November 1 of this year and November 1, 2016, just over another 8,500 prisoners will be released.

In all, the panel estimates that 46,000 of the nation’s approximately 100,000 drug offenders in federal prison could now qualify for early release. The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted unanimously for the reduction last year.

But they didn’t just do it on their own.

They held two public hearings in which members heard testimony from then-Attorney General Holder. They also heard testimony from federal judges, federal public defenders, state and local law enforcement officials, and sentencing advocates.

In addition to all of that, the panel also reviewed more than 80,000 public comment letters, with the overwhelming majority in favor of the change.

So how badly needed was this change? Since congress created mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes in the 1980s, the federal prison population has grown from 24,000 to more than 214,000 prisoners.

The U.S. has more people behind bars—2.3 million—than any other country in the world.

The reality here is that the vast majority of people behind bars for drug offenses, which is one quarter of all prison inmates, are not there because they are endangering society, harming other people, or leading a drug cartel.

More than 50 percent of them were arrested for non-violent drug offenses.

Only 15 percent of all federal drug offenders had a weapon involved in the offense.

Only 6.6 percent of all federal drug offenders were considered leaders of a drug conspiracy.

The vast majority are locked up for something called a victimless crime. And if that is the case, then here is the big question:

Why are we taking so long to release these 46,000 people?

That is what you need to know.

While many people are applauding the release of these 6,000 prisoners—and here’s your reality check—these soon-to-be-released prisoners have served, on average, eight and one-half years in prison.

Eight and one-half years locked in a cell, and the only reason they are only getting out now is because they committed no violence against anyone, because they weren’t involved in a drug operation and because the worst crime they have committed was a drug offense.

When you put it that way, is eight and one-half years prison time—is any prison time—something to be proud of as a nation?

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New Front Line Chaplains Certified for Duty




ANTIOCH, Ca 10/11/15–The title, Chaplain, immediately stirs up one image–a military service spiritual leader. While that is true, the office of Chaplain is much broader.

There are Hospital Chaplains, Police and Fire Chaplains, chaplain-counselors on duty for schools, industries, first responders, suicide prevention, disasters such as fire and earthquakes, murder scenes, any and all types of emergencies, and even marriage counseling.  They also conduct marriage ceremonies and funerals as well as guest speaking at various churches and civic organizations.

The office of chaplain requires total dedication as a minister. One must willingly give up all rights to themselves to immediately respond to any call for help, day or night. There is no such thing as a chaplain’s convenience. They are there for the convenience of others who need them.

This is a totally devoted ministry and is a true calling. The Chaplain’s Motto is: Stand Ready, Be Prayed Up, and Keep the Vessel Clean–that is, to live and be an example as God would have us be at all times.

Chaplains become deeply involved in their communities and who are on call 24/7 to help others at their time and place of need. The new chaplains who were certified on October 11th became members of East Bay Chaplains, located in the California Bay Area.

They took part in several weeks of class instruction, field work, and culminated at the Delta Stand Down at Antioch Fairgrounds where they served and counseled with homeless veterans with multiple needs during four days and nights.  This highly successful program is in the process of going national.

The growing East Bay Chaplains are ready to serve wherever they are needed. There is no charge or expectations for their services. This is a labor of love, freely given.

A husband and wife chaplain team in this program, Chaplain Lacy and Richard Enderson, live in Simi Valley, California and upon being certified immediately became the chaplains for the mobile home park where they live, dealing with emergency hospital calls, visitation and services in the Recreation Hall including, so far, a Memorial Service and a wedding.

The five newly certified chaplains, as of October 11, 2015, live and will serve in the East Bay Area and or wherever else they may be called. They are:

Carson Anthony Curcini,

Priscilla M. Martinez

Arlyn Edward Walker

June L. Bird

  1.  Christina Quesada

The very formal and colorful ceremony, including the presenter in formal church attire, flanked by a General and a Colonel in dress blues was held in Antioch Covenant Church in Antioch, California.

Photo Caption: Chaplain Trainer Rev. Austin Miles (C), presents certificate to Arlyn Walker. Flanking them, Area Chaplain Overseer, Colonel Timothy Vaughn (R) and General Dan Helix (L).  Far left, graduate Chaplain Carson Curcini.

Photo Taken by Jane Vaughn