Russians to Build Tallest Jesus Statue in World on Pacific Coast

My Comments:   Anerica was once thought of as a great Christian nation, and Russia an ungodly Marxist nation. My how times have changed. Remember the unveiling of the statues of Baphomet in the USA?  The first statue was in Oklahoma, and the latest is in Detroit.  America’s leftists fight to destroy any mention of God, Jesus, or the cross, and the Russians are building the tallest statue of Jesus in the entire world!  Where are America’s pastors and churches?

From THE EVENT CHRONICLE comes this article (Your News Wire) A Satanic statue is about to be unveiled in America’s heartland. A church in Detroit is about to do something a lot of churches and religious organizations do: have a statue of one of their gods placed in view for the public. Statues of Buddha, saints, gods, and deities are found across the globe, and accepted without much question. However, there is one difference with the statue one particular church is about to unveil that is unsettling some people: the fact that it is a nine foot tall, one ton statue of the Satanic Baphomet.


Taller than famous Rio de Janiero and Lisbon statues

Intended as symbol of rebirth of Russian Far East and rebirth of Christianity

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The statue was cast in 2013 by Tsereteli, the famous Georgian-Russian sculptor, known for his gigantic projects such as a statue of Peter the Great in Moscow and ‘The Tear of Grief’ in the United States, dedicated to the struggle against world terrorism.

The monument stands 50 metres taller than the world famous ‘Christ the Redeemer’ in Rio de Janeiro, and two metres higher than ‘The Christ the King’ in Lisbon.

In Vladivostok, the monument will be composed of two parts: the statue itself and the pedestal housing a cathedral in honour of Archangel Michael.


The project was inspired by a local businessman Aleksey Shchepin, who donated two hectares of land overlooking the sea on the Churkin Peninsula for it to be built.

Now some $15.3 million is being raised to see the statue put in place.


Organisers say the monument, which has the backing of the Orthodox Church, will boost tourism and encourage residents of Vladivostok to believe in God.

It is also seen as a symbol of the revival of the Russian Far East.


3 responses to “Russians to Build Tallest Jesus Statue in World on Pacific Coast

  1. Love him or hate him, Putin is a leader which is something I cannot say for our prez or Congress. My human nature longs for a leader for America, but I realize I must keep my focus on God Almighty and his Son, Jesus Christ, and not get sidetracked. There used to a popular saying that went something like “keep the main thing the main thing.”

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  2. Reblogged this on Fellowship of the Minds and commented:

    While the Untied [sic] States of America is busy removing the Ten Commandments from public squares, the latest being Oklahoma City, and erecting a 9 ft. tall statue of Satan in Detroit, Russia will build the world’s tallest Jesus status on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the Russian Far East.

    And while homosexuals and transgenders prance around in public parades here in America, members of the elite Russian Airborne forces proudly held up a picture of the prophet Elijah in a parade on August 2. (H/t FOTM reader Leo H. for the pic.)

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