Ayatollah Obama goes after Bill Cosby? What about Bill Clinton? 1st come 1st served!

Raped by Bill C

3 responses to “Ayatollah Obama goes after Bill Cosby? What about Bill Clinton? 1st come 1st served!

  1. Personally, I wish they would leave these bedroom scandals alone. I tire easily of all these bimbo’s coming out of the woodwork twenty, thirty, forty years later and ‘telling their story.’ Do they actually think they are the only woman in the world that has ever been accosted by their boss? A smart woman makes sure he never ever makes that mistake again. A smart woman knows to move on down the road if things get worse. I have a feeling some of these women kept hanging around to further their careers and won’t admit it, because they want to blame the other person and not accept responsibility for themselves. Let’s face it ladies, sometimes you just have to knee a man to make sure he understands. Ok, I will get off my soap box.

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  2. There’s a difference,as unfair as some might think it to be;in the case(s) of Slick Willie,we hold,or SHOULD hold,the President to a higher standard than the average guy. He’s SUPPOSED to be the one person in America we can look up to,and know that his life,while in office,will stand the World’s scrutiny and remain above reproach. Well,THAT ship sailed,full steam to Hell. Granted,probably every President has probably done things they really DON’T want America,and the World,to see on the Evening News,but at least THEY didn’t wear the act like an Olympic Medal before their Constituents.


  3. Such a hypocrite. This scum-in-chief rapes the American people every day. First, he’s really not eligible to be prez. Even if technically he was born in Hawaii, he wasn’t raised in America and was educated in Islamic schools. Where did he ever learn US history, values etc.? Since he’s been in office he has worked to destroy America, and now he is cuddling up with nations who shout daily “Death to America”. Like Hillary, he is working to usher in the new world order. I’d say he’s raping America, and worse if destruction is worse than rape.


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