Clint Eastwood Refused To Cast His Own Son In “American Sniper” Because He Doesn’t Believe In Handouts

My comments: I don’t know about the rest of you, but Clint is one of my very favorites.  And AMERICAN SNIPER should have walked away with a half dozen Oscars rather than being ostracized by those commies in Hollywood.  Scott Eastwood look just like his Daddy, and from what we’ve seen, he’ll be a great one too.



Whether we’re talking about Steven Spielberg casting his Goddaughter Drew Barrymore in E.T. at a young age or Will Smith putting his son Jaden in The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth, nepotism usually runs rampant in Hollywood.

Not so fast for libertarian filmmaker Clint Eastwood and his son Scott.

Clint refused to cast his son in American Sniper because he’s not one for giving “hand-outs.”


That’s right — Clint himself turned his own son down. The younger Eastwood told The Independent UK:

“I auditioned for American Sniper and didn’t get a role. But it was actually perfect…I would have loved to have been part of American Sniper but then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this film.”

Eastwood the younger has been turned down before by his father for film roles, and he understands why:

“If people knew the truth about my dad, they would be like, ‘Wait? What?’ The truth is he’s very old school, there are no hand-outs. It’s the opposite.”

He explains that his father wanted to instill him with a sense of self-sufficiency:

“It’s so funny because my dad was like: ‘Go get a job. Go figure it out. You want to be an actor, go for it but you better get a day job because that doesn’t pay the bills.’”

Until now, Eastwood hadn’t had much success in acting- he landed bit parts in various films, but he’d also been working various day jobs around Los Angeles for years — bartending, construction — whatever it took to pay the bills.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 2.55.22 PM

 Image credit: Screenshot

But his famous father’s message of hard work and perseverance appears to have paid off, especially since he landed a role in the film The Longest Ride:

“My dad always says, ‘Just stick around.’ Everybody thinks it’s an overnight success. But the reality is, it takes years of hard work.”

A great message for anyone, son of a movie star or not.

2 responses to “Clint Eastwood Refused To Cast His Own Son In “American Sniper” Because He Doesn’t Believe In Handouts

  1. If they ever do a biopic of Clint, I have an idea that his son will be in the running for the title role.
    He seems to be a chip off the old block…..

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