Mayor In France Gets Forced Into A Mental Asylum For Saying That Islam Should Be Banned From France

By Theodore Shoebat at SHOEBAT.COM

A mayor in France, Robert Chardon, was forced into a mental asylum for saying that Islam should be banned. I did an entire video on this:

According to one report:

Robert Chardon was hospitalized under the involuntary confinement provision.

Involuntary confinement applies to psychiatric issues as per French law (How French administration explains the involuntary confinement)

Robert Chardon was forcibly confined to hospital this Friday as per a third party request for reason of ‘incoherence of his statements’

Robert Chardon, the (Bouches-du-Rhône) UMP mayor who tweeted many times that Islam must be banned in France, was forcibly hospitalized this Friday.

Hospitalization was requested by someone close to him for reasons of ‘incoherent statements’. Robert Chardon, who is in cancer treatment, confirmed his statements and assured everyone his Twitter account had not been hacked.

“Absurd statements”

To say the least, the UMP vice-president (Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet) says that “she requested an ‘exclusion provision’” for his absurd statements which do not reflect in any way UMP values.

Nicolas Sarkozy also reacted through tweets on his Twitter account. He “condemns this proposal” from the mayor of the borough with a population of 8,000.

According to Robert Chardon, “anyone that practises Islam must be immediately returned to the border”. He is asking for an amendment to the Constitution to achieve his goal: “I am asking to abolish the legislation of 1905 and to proclaim the Republic favors Christian values.”

He wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections.

Should the UMP party expel him, he says he will “set up a new party”.

Involuntary hospitalisation confinement

“I risk exclusion”, Robert Chardon acknowledges to AFP (Agence France Presse). “Should this be the case, I will set up a new political party,” confirms the elected official who wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections.

As per AFP who cites a source close to Robert Chardon, he had been treated for some months for cancer and was forcibly hospitalised this Friday afternoon. This hospitalisation request was issued by “a third party as a result of his incoherent statements”.
Mr. Serge Gouteyron — Deputy Prefect of Aix — replied to La Provence that “Mr. Chardon was hospitalised as a consequence of his disease and no legal procedure was undertaken for forcible confinement in a psychiatric facility,” as stated by AFP. Contacted by Scan, the sub-prefect confirms this version of the story.

In a press release (communiqué), Robert Chardon’s First Deputy — Patricia Saez — assures everyone that Robert Chardon’s tweets “are clearly the result of his precarious health situation since the past few months. They do not reflect in any way Robert Chardon’s past opinions,” it is stated.

The First Deputy Mayor confirms that “the town is looking into all possible solutions to be implemented to end this situation while working with competent authorities to resolve the matter.”


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  1. What else is there to say: “… those days they will call evil good and good evil….” May the Lord come quickly!

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  2. Did Obama,by chance,somehow,put Lynch in charge of France?

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  3. That should show up in her Comprehensive Background Check—WHAT?? NO Background Check??

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  4. It’s too weird to say the least

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